3MP Wireless Fisheye Camera Ezviz C6P ez360 Pano

  • 3MP Video;
  • Metal Body;
  • Triple HD Video;
  • 360° Panoramic View;
  • Multiple Viewing Modes;
  • 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi;
  • Two-Way Audio;
  • Supports MicroSD Card (Up to 128GB);
  • True Day/Night, Auto Switch, Infrared Night Vision (Up to 7.5 meters)
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Ezviz C6P ez360 Pano

360° Fisheye Security, Zero Blind Spots

The C6P (ez360 Pano) features a premium fisheye lens and 3-megapixel HDR sensor to support 360° omnidirectional monitoring with four viewing modes: panoramic, expanded, dual-split screen and quad-split screen. A panoramic Wi-Fi camera offering complete coverage without any blind spots.

Four-Screen Split Mode

The C6P (ez360 Pano) can capture and display up to 4 assigned areas of coverage and allows you to navigate within each individual display.

Versatile Viewing Modes

Choose from four different viewing modes – fisheye panoramic, expanded, dual-split screen and quad-split screen modes – to meet your needs.

Triple HD Camera

Equipped with 3 MP starlight level sensor, resolution up to 1344×1344, the C6P (ez360 Pano) captures crystal clear, fine and vibrant images. The C6P (ez360 Pano) stays sharp in the dark with the help of its four 850nm high-end LED infrared lights. Night vision with clear-as-day clarity up to 7.5 meters.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi Connection

The C6P (ez360 Pano) supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring stable and smooth wireless transmission with greater anti-interference and stability.

Real-Time Two-Way Talk

With a powerful speaker and independent sound cavity, the C6P (ez360 Pano) delivers real-time, crystal clear and smooth voice transmissions.

Built-in microphone;

5-meter pickup;

Supports full duplex voice intercom;

Crystal clear, smooth voice transmission;

Durable Metal Body

Built with high-strength, anti-corrosion aluminum, the C6P (ez360 Pano) features smooth texture, long service life and rapid heat dissipation.

Durable Metal Body

Compatible with the Alarm Sensor

The C6C (ez360) Plus can be integrated with EZVIZ alarm sensors via the app. Once an alarm is triggered, the camera will immediately capture a picture and video footage and send them to the device owner.

Multiple Storage Options

With multiple storage options, you can choose where to save your recordings. The cameras can even save to all three locations at the same time for added backup in case a camera is damaged or your network crashes.

Built in SD Card

Encrypted Cloud Storage


Security at Your Fingertips

With EZVIZ app or EZVIZ Studio, you can protect, capture, save and share what’s valuable to you.

Live View

Real-Time Talk

Instant Alerts

Video History

Up to 8x Zoom

Smart Home Enabled

Ezviz C6P ez360 Pano

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