AUTOMATION FOR EZVIZ C1C, C3WN, C6CN: Email Alerts, Google Assistant, Geolocation Tracking via IFTTT [PART 1]

Today’s really attractive topic is about the Internet of Things, smart home, algorithms and automation, but for your Ezviz home cameras: how to make it work for yourself Intro How it all works? To start off, Ezviz has some agreements with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, who allow a 3rd-party devices to integrate into their […]

Update Firmware On Any Hikvision Security Camera Manually Via Web Under 5 Minutes

In this material you are going to learn how to update a firmware manually on any Hikvision security network camera easy and fast in 5 minutes with no software downloads. Pipl Systems There are 3 ways to update a firmware on a Hikvision camera: Camera’s Web Interface; IVMS-4200; Batch Configurator tool. We will go with […]

Body Temperature Measurement On Hikvision Handheld Thermal Camera / Thermographic Fever Screening

Such a handheld thermal camera is remarkable for that the entire body temperature measurement process is being performed completely in your hand. As accurate as ± 0.5 C. Thermal imaging lens along with a regular optical lens, processor, touch screen, detachable and rechargeable battery, a lot of other elements and a special software to control […]

Ajax StarterKit Cam Review: Hub 2 / MotionCam / DoorProtect / SpaceControl Ajax Alarm System

Ajax StarterKit Cam is nearly the same Ajax StarterKit that you have seen earlier, but on a 50% it consists of relatively a new appliance, and we would rather call it an extension kit, although it’s a good extension with some notable changes It all begins with a white box – Ajax StarterKit Cam consists […]

Security IP-Camera To OBS Studio To Stream 2 Youtube for Free Cloud Video Storage

One day we’ve released a video about the ways how to avoid a cloud storage subscription fee, and there were quite common options like switching multiple microSD-cards, getting yourself a videorecorder with hard drive and et cetera. This time we went further with an option, suggested by a viewer of our channel, who suggested using […]

Hikvision 2-Lens Camera Featuring AI People Counting: DS-2CD6825G0/C-IVS

Today We Are Focusing Our Attention On A Hikvision 2-lens Ip-camera Featuring An Artificial Intelligent 3d-depth Recognition Technology That Can Count And Track People: HIKVISION DS-2CD6825G0/C-IVS Box Internals / Looks A tiny box with a very miniature camera: Firmware CD; Quick Start Guide; Mounting Sticker; Bracket; Hexagon Screwdriver; Pack with Screws and Dowels; 4 Pieces […]