AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax StarterKit Plus & StarterKit Regular Comparison

We’ve reviewed each of these Ajax sensors separately and now we’ll review it as a part of a kit and tie them all up within themselves. Ajax StarterKit Plus, – here you going to learn the differences regarding StarterKit Regular, know every sensor’s intend, find some installing and using tips, and of course, the activation, […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax GlassProtect + Real-Time Test [10/15]

We got in our studio the Ajax GlassProtect sensor from the Ajax “Detector” category, based on a specific sound recognition algorythm. We’re going to tell you what is it, reveal a features, tell you how is it installed and test it real-time. Order this GlassProtect or any of all twenty five Ajax Devices on the […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax Rex Signal Range Extender [9/15]

The device that looks identical to Ajax Hub, and I guess Ajax just took the Hub body, got out some “brains” and here you go, Ajax Rex. Seriously, you have probably seen a signal area extenders before, but it all concerned an internet signal, and here it’s about extending the area of radio communication, under […]

9 Advantages of a Security Alarm by Ajax Systems

The Ajax Security Systems are uniquely developed by Ukrainian engineers and they operate under the patented Jeweller communication technology. The advantages list include: 1. Mostly Wireless The only unit that should be connected to the power grid and the Internet is the intelligent central, the main Hub. Besides, the Hub has 2 options to connect […]