AUTOMATION FOR EZVIZ C1C, C3WN, C6CN: Email Alerts, Google Assistant, Geolocation Tracking via IFTTT [PART 1]

Today’s really attractive topic is about the Internet of Things, smart home, algorithms and automation, but for your Ezviz home cameras: how to make it work for yourself Intro How it all works? To start off, Ezviz has some agreements with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, who allow a 3rd-party devices to integrate into their […]

Update Firmware On Any Hikvision Security Camera Manually Via Web Under 5 Minutes

In this material you are going to learn how to update a firmware manually on any Hikvision security network camera easy and fast in 5 minutes with no software downloads. Pipl Systems There are 3 ways to update a firmware on a Hikvision camera: Camera’s Web Interface; IVMS-4200; Batch Configurator tool. We will go with […]

Body Temperature Measurement On Hikvision Handheld Thermal Camera / Thermographic Fever Screening

Such a handheld thermal camera is remarkable for that the entire body temperature measurement process is being performed completely in your hand. As accurate as ± 0.5 C. Thermal imaging lens along with a regular optical lens, processor, touch screen, detachable and rechargeable battery, a lot of other elements and a special software to control […]

Ajax StarterKit Cam Review: Hub 2 / MotionCam / DoorProtect / SpaceControl Ajax Alarm System

Ajax StarterKit Cam is nearly the same Ajax StarterKit that you have seen earlier, but on a 50% it consists of relatively a new appliance, and we would rather call it an extension kit, although it’s a good extension with some notable changes It all begins with a white box – Ajax StarterKit Cam consists […]

Security IP-Camera To OBS Studio To Stream 2 Youtube for Free Cloud Video Storage

One day we’ve released a video about the ways how to avoid a cloud storage subscription fee, and there were quite common options like switching multiple microSD-cards, getting yourself a videorecorder with hard drive and et cetera. This time we went further with an option, suggested by a viewer of our channel, who suggested using […]

Hikvision 2-Lens Camera Featuring AI People Counting: DS-2CD6825G0/C-IVS

Today We Are Focusing Our Attention On A Hikvision 2-lens Ip-camera Featuring An Artificial Intelligent 3d-depth Recognition Technology That Can Count And Track People: HIKVISION DS-2CD6825G0/C-IVS Box Internals / Looks A tiny box with a very miniature camera: Firmware CD; Quick Start Guide; Mounting Sticker; Bracket; Hexagon Screwdriver; Pack with Screws and Dowels; 4 Pieces […]

All Modules Review & Setup in Hikvision 2nd Generation Modular Intercom System

Today we will thoroughly overview all modules or extensions in 2nd Generation Hikvision Modular Intercom System. 2nd generation Hikvision modular intercom system consists of 3 elements: monitors, modules and brackets. And if with the monitors and brackets everything is clear from the first glance, the modules and their features have to be given some special […]