Ajax GlassProtect Black Wireless Glass Break Detector, Immune to Pets

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  • Operates up to 7 years without battery replacement;
  • Ignores thunder, dogs barking and noise outside the window;
  • Detects breakage at a distance of up to 9 m;
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption;

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Ajax GlassProtect

Small wireless detector that notifies of glass being broken by intruders. It is installed at a distance of 9 m from the window and filters events that cause false alarms about breakage.

Principle of operation

Detects broken glass using an electret microphone, which registers the sound of impact against the glass and of the glass falling.


Two-factor detection of broken glass prevents false alarms caused by thunder, dogs barking and noise from passing trucks.

Installation and set up

Ready to operate straight out the box: the battery is already installed, therefore there is no need to disassemble the detector. With one click, it can be connected to the hub in the mobile application. It can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.

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