Ajax MotionProtect Curtain Black Wireless Beam Dual PIR Motion Detector Indoor

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MotionProtect Curtain

Narrow beam indoor motion detector. Protects windows, doors, and valuables

Proprietary optical technology

To create MotionProtect Curtain, we’ve developed an optical system of two infrared sensors and a multifaceted mirror. This system allows the detector to receive twice as much information about what is going on in the protected area and instantly react to human presence.

Rapid reaction to threats

Whether the intruder is running or sneaking — MotionProtect Curtain is always on duty. As soon as they enter their field of view, the detector analyzes signals from both PIR sensors and immediately sends an alert.

Reliable radio communication

MotionProtect Curtain connects to the hub through radio communication at a distance of up to 1,700 meters. Jeweller, the proprietary two-way communication protocol protects data transmissions with advanced encryption. In case of interference or jamming, the Ajax security system switches the frequency and alerts you and your dedicated alarm response company.

2-minute set-up

MotionProtect Curtain connects to the security system via the Ajax app: scan the QR code, add the detector to the room, and proceed to installation.

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