Dahua Technology DHI-NVR5216-16P-I 16Channel 1U 2HDDs 16PoE WizMind Network Video Recorder

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  • 16 Channel IP video access;
  • Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG;
  • Up to 16 Channel perimeter protection;
  • Up to 4 Channel video stream face recognition;
  • Up to 22 face pictures/sec processing;
  • Up to 20 face databases with 100,000 face images in total;
  • 1-16 PoE Ports, 1-8 support ePoE & EoC;

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Dahua Technology DHI-NVR5216-16P-I

Launched by Dahua Technology, Dahua WizMind is a full portfolio of solutions composed of project-oriented products including IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, Thermal and software platform which adopts industry-leading deep learning algorithms. Focusing on customer’s requirements, WizMind provides precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions for verticals.

Perimeter Protection
Automatically filtering out false alarms caused by animals, rustling leaves, bright lights, etc. Enables system to act secondary recognition for the targets. Improving alarm accuracy.

Real Time Face Recognition
Video stream & picture stream real time face recognition. Facial attributes analysis features including gender, age, expression, glasses, moustache, mouth mask. Identify people and also capture, record faces with metadata. Facial feature filtering while real time display, only show faces with target features.

Face Database Management
Configurable multiple face databases. Powerful face database management. Face database can be applied to video channels independently. Name, gender, birthday, address, certificate type, certificate No., countries&regions and state can be added to each face picture.

Common/Stranger Mode
NVR5000-I supports common and stranger mode. In stranger mode, when NVR detects a strange face (not in device’s face database), it can trigger alarm, buzzer, snapshot, record, etc. Similarity threshold can be set manually. This function is developed for important infrastructure sites for which access control is critical.

AI Search
Support seach by metadata of human and vehicles. Support uploading face pictures to NVR and compare them with recorded faces in NVR by similarity. Enable operators to quickly and easily search through multi channels and long duration, efficiently find out when and where a person of interest appeard.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition available for convenient entrance exit management. Support license plate recognition (working with Dahua ITC camera), black/white list import/export, add/delete B/W list number, search result from recorded video.

Point of Sale (POS)
Ideal for grocery and retail stores, the optional POS solution allows the NVR to receive a POS transaction via corresponding video. This feature allows merchants to analyze specific transactions via the Fuzzy search algorithm.


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