Dahua Technology Hiboard-A65H 65” UHD Smart Interactive Whiteboard

SKU: 000308
  • 65-inch ELED 4K UHD module;
  • Attractive appearance: Narrow border design at three sides, and delicate decoration and breathing light at the lower side;
  • Multiple functions, including wireless projection, electronic whiteboard, file management, fingerprint unlock, multiple themes available, etc;
  • Optional OPS module, compatible with mainstream OPS in the market;
  • Supports projection via mobile phone, PC, and Mac;
  • Supports 8-channel access and simultaneous display of 4-channel data

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System Overview

Dahua smart interactive whiteboard adopts high-performance CPUs, GPU, advanced storage configuration, and Android 8.0 system to ensure its powerful processing capability. Equipped with the high-precision infrared frame of 2mm recognition diameter and 4K HD ELED module, the smart whiteboard can provide extraordinary experience in the aspects of writing, controlling, and demonstration. The smart whiteboard integrates various functions and features, such as multifunctional writing, wireless projection, conference content sharing, etc. The high performance and multiple functions make the whiteboard an ideal choice for occasions where demonstration, information sharing, and documentation management are needed, such as conference rooms, classrooms, and lecture halls, etc.

Lightweight & Power-efficiency

The smart interactive whiteboard adopts Edge LED (ELED), whose principle is to use an array of LED backlights along the outer edges of the screen. These LED backlights use a light guide or diffuser to emit light to the center of the screen. Base on this principle of light emission, ELED technology allows the designing of the extraordinary thin screen. With the adoption of ELED, the whiteboard is featured as power-efficiency and lightweight.

High Performance

The smart interactive whiteboard is equipped with high-performance CPUs (Dual-core A53 + dual-core A73 CPU), GPU (4-core G51 GPU), and large-capacity storage configuration (4G + 32G storage configuration). Additionally, Android 8.0 system ensures powerful processing capability.

Loop Out

Different from the ordinary screen that merely supports signal input, the smart interactive whiteboard has an HDMI output port, which supports up to 4K @ 60Hz output and the output resolution can be switched between 4K and 1080P, thereby achieving loop out.