Wireless open-close detector Ezviz ezSensor Move Pro | T6

  • Triggering alarm by movement;
  • Flexible installation;
  • Built-in battery;
  • Suitable for different doors and windows;
Delivery 3-5 days

40.42 z DPH 40.42



Ezviz ezSensor Move Pro | T6

Ezviz ezSensor Move Pro | T6

The T6 is a 100% wireless open/close detector that can be applied to more than just doors or windows. Protect what’s valuable to you with the T6.

Maximum Security

Triggered when a door, a drawer, or window is opened or moved at an angle greater than 3°. The T6 can also be placed on unfixed objects, so if anything moves, you will be the first to know.

Less Collision Interference

As a single-piece magnetic detector, the T6 is not susceptible to interference from door and window collisions.

Standalone Unit, Highly Flexible Installation

The T6 is a lightweight, standalone unit that can be installed easily on your doors, windows, or drawers.

Instant Alerts

Whenever the T6 is triggered, the A1 sends an instant alert to the EZVIZ app on your smartphone.

Rechargeable Battery

The T6’s built-in rechargeable battery can last up to 3 months on a full charge. Its standard 5V USB charging interface provides greater convenience.

Standalone Unit, Highly Flexible Installation
Integrated Solution

Integrated Solution

EZVIZ T6 can be connected to your EZVIZ cameras. When the T6 is triggered, the camera instantly starts recording images and video.

Control via the EZVIZ App

With the EZVIZ App, you can remotely control the T6 and all the devices connect to it even when you are away from home.

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