Ajax Relay 12V Wireless Dry Contact Power Relay for Remote Control of Low-current Equipment

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Ajax Relay

Radio channel controller for remote control of low current equipment. It is used to activate electric locks, gates and swing gates, rolling shutters and blinds, and to restart modems and routers.


Principle of operation

The device controls the electric power supply by means of a relay, which closes and opens the dry contact.


Operate from 7 - 24 V DC voltage sources. The dry contact is not galvanically connected to the device itself.

Installation and setup

The device is installed in junction boxes, distribution boards, and enclosures of switching units.

Safe home and office automation

Boost the potential of your security system with scenarios to actively resist the threats it detects and automate your routines. Set up a Night mode activation on schedule; turn off all the office lights automatically by arming the system; program the outdoor lights to spotlight trespassers when they trigger an outdoor motion detector, or install a sustainable anti-flood system. The system continues to execute scenarios even if the connection with Ajax Cloud is lost.

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