EZVIZ C4W Brand-new 1080p Outdoor Wifi Camera Review & Tutorial + Video Quality Test [CS-CV228]

A classic dome-type cameras are not familiar with Ezviz, who mostly prefer to produce a bullet, pan-tilt and those magnetic base type cams. What we have here today is a brand-new Ezviz C4W Outdoor Wi-fi camera, and looking a bit ahead, they have finally brought here some features we were waiting for and hoping they […]

EZVIZ LC1 Floodlight Security Camera Outdoor Review

Ezviz LC1 Floodlight camera is in our office, and honestly this is something we didn’t expect from Ezviz, to us it’s something way from the other league, different from a low-price home security cams segment, so common for EZviz, which is awesome. Here you’ll find a review, specifications, see the LC1 video quality and… a […]

EZVIZ C3WN Wifi Outdoor Security Camera 2019 Review

It’s a common thing when companies produce a “revision” model with a quite slight differences every year, EZviz is not an exclusion. We got on our office an explicit represantative of that fact – Ezviz C3WN 2019 revision model of a 2018 Ezviz С3W EzGuard. And we will reveal a box contents, compare it to […]