About Us

Welcome to the Pipl Systems Store!
The Multi-brand Online Store where the people are in the spotlight and a home security systems as a means

In total, the experts of our team have been working in the security systems and house protection fields for over than 80 years! And we thought that we should share such an experience. Thereafter we founded Pipl Systems, where the People are in the spotlight (the key), and a home security systems as a means. And that is how we have came up with the Pipl Systems name.

Currently, Pipl Systems is an authorised reseller of:

– Ajax Systems;
– Dahua Technology;
– Hikvision;
– Ezviz;

In our service we offer communicating via the electronic and internet-based channels. This is a part of our policy and is reflected in our Terms of Use

Pipl Systems is a store that cares about people
We promote interesting and life-useful devices in the security, safety and comfortable life areas to the masses. Yes, we are definitely promoting and not just selling, because our security (and not security only) market for a long time has been focusing on the on sales only, forgetting about the customer satisfaction parameter. And our desire is to add some humanness onto the market.

We will help deciding and we always hear your wishes
The peculiarity of our work lies in the search, selection and proposing to you some really useful and simple equipment – the ones that we personally want to work with and that’s why we offer it to you. And yet, that is not the easiest thing to do – find an alarm system or a surveillance camera featuring a modern design, simple installation, easy set up and also a low cost that would coexist together in harmony. But we gave it a try, and we hope we have succeeded.

We can be trusted
You can always rely on our experience in finding the best technical solution for your security system and / or a smart home. No matter how large-scale it is: a room, an apartment, a country house, an office or a warehouse — we always have several ideas on how to make this system reliable, functional, beautiful and affordable. However, if you are planning something particularly ambitious, extending beyond the boundaries of an apartment, also feel free to contact us – we were helping our customers to launch those unique steep projects throughout many years.

Experienced Team
We are pretty self-assured in a good sense, as this is not the first decade we are in the security business at the origins of the emergence of the security and intelligent systems market in world. During their lives, our specialists has overcame such a great quantity of equipment, brands and suppliers that they can definetely call themselves a True Professionals.

High Responsibility

  • You can always contacts us with any questions and guaranteed to get an answer. We value every query of our customers;
  • If we promised to deliver goods today from 6 to 7 p.m, we will definitely deliver at this time. If we promised to answer back in 20 minutes, then we’ll answer back in 20 minutes.We value your and our time;
  • Buying from us you have no reasons to worry. We’ll handle the process from the consideration stage to a trouble-free delivery and support you with all things necessary after;
  • All products with warranty;
  • All presented and purchased in our store products always have a guarantee with no exceptions. We sell the certified products only;
  • We are not trying to sell you the excess, only what you needed;
  • We will always help and advise you. You will never be left in ignorance.

Our today’s goal is to show and prove that safety and comfort can be uncomplicated and affordable. The times of an exceptionally complex systems are either gone, or are being transferred to the category of single projects and in no way define the majority. That thing behind the various gadgets is that you can buy and set them up within a few minutes on your own, and that is the future. In any case, we want to believe in that scenario and we’ll do everything to make it not just words. Join us! Together we will make it exciting, easy, and safe!

Company legal information:
Mobile Video Solutions Europe Ltd.
Registered Address: 115-119 Fort Dunlop, Regus Office, Fort Parkway, Birmingham, England, B24 9FE
Registration Number: 12066647
VAT ID: GB333230936