EZVIZ CTQ1C Brand-new Home Wifi Camera Review & Test – What Is That? [C1HC]

Recently we have received an Ezviz CTQ1C home Wifi camera and there’s no difference at all in regard to an Eяviz C1C, except a square-form design against a round one in C1C. It is more compact, like 30% off a C1C. The only reason I could think of is a different versions for different markets, but there’s a few contradictions about that. Anyways, as this is a newer camera I expect something in it to be better in regard to past versions and I’m gonna find that out today, arrange a few comparisons, tell you of specifications and activate it and test. And then you can get it on the Pipl Systems Store 🙂

The Box / The Looks

The Package Consists Of:

  • Ezviz CTQ1C Camera;
  • Quick Start Guide;
  • MicroUSB power Cable;
  • Power Adapter;
  • Metal Brackets;
  • Foam Sticker.

The camera’s body is white, a front panel is black, there’s 3 elements on it: a microphone hole, LED-indicator and the main 1080p camera module. and the glass that covers the camera is wider in regard to C1C, that is same, except a form, and a joint between the camera and basement. The ball in C1C is on top of basement, while a CTQ1C has the ball on a basement. And even the back is similar – fits on it a speaker, microUSB cable input, reset button and microSD card input with the 256 gigabytes capacity support for both of them, and a magnetic basement so you can attach it easily to any metal surface, like this bracket from a box. And that all is a kind of template for all of this class’ cams.

Ezviz CTQ1C day and night video in compare to Ezviz C1C and IMOU Cue 2:

So far – so identical, the same around 20 frames per second, what I really don’t like regarding Ezviz cameras, but the quality itself is pretty good, deep and bright colors, all the details are perceptible and that’s OK. That’s what I like about Ezviz, because an IMOU CUE 2 footage quality feels cheaper and gives notably worse colors and details, but looks more natural due to 30 FPS recording.

Specifications / Features

Ezviz CTQ1C Wifi Camera

Video Quality Full HD 1080p / 20 FPS
View Angle 100-120° (?)
Compression Rate H.264 Support
MicroSD Capacity up to 256GB
Night View 12m (40ft) Distance
Motion Detection Software level
Audio Channels 2-way
Internet Connection Wi-fi
Extra Magnetic Base


Activation & Setup / Live Test

Watch us on Youtube for Ezviz CTQ1C video review and live demo!


Ezviz CTQ1C is not exceeding a previous Ezviz C1C by even a single indicator. The price is also going to у similar, which one to get – up to you, but they are identical, I want you to know that. Get it officially on the Pipl Systems Store Website within a worldwide delivery for you 🙂

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