9 Advantages of a Security Alarm by Ajax Systems

The Ajax Security Systems are uniquely developed by Ukrainian engineers and they operate under the patented Jeweller communication technology. The advantages list include:

1. Mostly Wireless

The only unit that
should be connected to the power grid and the Internet is the intelligent
central, the main Hub. Besides, the Hub has 2 options to connect to network:
the GSM-slot for a sim-card and the LAN-cable. All of the rest operates via the
batteries and it send signals through it’s own communication channel over the

2. Distance

Thanks to Jeweler
technology, the Ajax devices and sensors can be mounted as far as 2 km maximum
away from the hub. Despite a distance, the sensor’s data will still be
transmissed to the control panel instantly and smoothly, and from there it
comes to your phone or a security console, depends on a settings.

3. Easy Setup

Ajax wireless
devices can be easily connected and setuped independently both from a scratch
and into the already operating system. It’s as simple as just log into the Ajax
Security app on your phone, apply new sensors to the system by scanning the
QR’s which are located both on the box and a device itself, and then just
physically mount them in the room. The Ajax’s sensors installation can be
carried out without any experience, and we really mean that.

4. Great Lifetime Length

According to the
manufacturer’s words, the battery lifetime of most Ajax sensors reaches up to 7
years length. You can always check a current charge level, that continuously
updated and indicated, by the corresponding symbol in the app. Rest assured, if
the level of electrical supply reaches a critical mark, you’ll receive a
notification beforehand. To continue using the device, simply replace a lithium
CR123A rechargeable battery with a new one.

5. 2 Channels

The Hub supports 2
simultaneous information transfer options – the wired LAN and a GSM network.
Thus, burglar alarms can be installed even in the premises with no Internet or
a bad connection environment.

6. Smart Settings

Depending on your
wishes, the system can be configured in such a various ways so the
notifications can be scheduled and delivered in the form of a call, sms,
push-notifications and a security console pop-ups.

7. Inseparable Communication

The sensor’s status
is updated every 12 seconds. That’s the exact time for a hub to conduct a check
of all connected devices, so in a case of malfunctions or a hacking the system
will notify you instantly.

8. Security Console Pairing

Ajax company also
produces a special software that allows security companies to monitor alarm
system’s real-time status. To make use of this advantage, make sure you signed
the agreement with a private or government structure that is licensed to provide
such services.

9. Regular Updates

The developers are
continiously improving the Ajax app and the system’s hardware both. As an
example, in 2017, the new Malevich firmware has extended the hub’s battery life
to 15 hours instead of a standard 10, they have also increased the number of
rooms supported by a system from 12 to 50, and users amount got to 10 instead
of 50. The Malevich firmware also opened up the possibility to install up to 10
streaming video cameras using the RTSP protocol and many other features.

To be exact, Ajax
Devices are being sold in the 70 countries and that is a Ukrainian Company. I
mean, how often does the product from the third world’s country such as Ukraine
gets global? Ajax Systems is called a one more reason for Ukraine to be proud

The Ajax has a lot
of awards, like Security & Fire Excellence Award, The Intruder Alarm of the
Year, The Best Innovative Product from the MIPS Securika and others. The facts
and the numbers speak for themselves and of course you want to be protected by
the world’s best because your life and the life of your family members is the
most importand thing in the world. Now combine that with a unique high-end
modern and futuristic design and a lot of usefull functions and that’s how
people become the Ajax Systems fans.

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