90$ For Dahua 4K AI-based NVR with Face Recognition & Lot Else! NVR2104-I – Your Next Video Recorder

Dahua 4K AI-based NVR with Face Recognition & Detection, Perimeter
Protection, SMD & H.265+: NVR2104-I – Your Next Video Recorder

If you haven’t heard of Dahua WizSense series, well, too bad 🙂 The top feature of the series and all devices in it is the AI Artificial Intelligent Processor as a foundation, that enables the device to execute intelligent functionality like face recognition advanced motion detection and perimeter protection, and use deep learning algorithms. And there’s nothing so special about this guy, we saw a lot similar, but what makes this one special is that it’s fresh and brand-new, it just launched, it’s smart, and it is priced below 100$ dollars. A really odd fact. And you can get this Recorder along with IP Cameras and stuff on our Pipl Systems Store. Dahua NVR2104-I AI Network Video Recorder Review.

Features Overview

Alright what NVR2104-I is capable of: face detection and more importantly, face recognition, meaning a full-featured search and comparison over the entire database. Also the face tracking, optimization and results output. But! We are limited by only a single channel for this function. But! What this single channel offers is 8 faces processing at once in 1s., strangers’ detection and filtering, searching and comparing due to the power of artificial intelligence over the entire database using 8 photos of suspect’s face at once. Advanced lists and filtering, and we can upload 10 databases in here with as much as 5 000 faces in total.

SMD Plus

Next – the thing named “SMD Plus”. So, this is Dahua-specific feature, where SMD stands for Smart Motion Detection, that can be activated on all 4 channels in the recorder. And what it is, it’s basically a more accurate motion detection. Accurate here means the advanced objects filtering – only people and vehicles are in focus and you can search by these labels in the database. The technology cuts off the detection of animals, the detection of trees and leaves on them and all other inanimate objects in sight. SMD plus can take no notice about lighting changes and weather condition like rain, snow, and the wind.


Perimeter Protection & Intrusion Detection

On Dahua NVR2104-I are made due to the artificial super-mind too, and what can I say – more accuracy and the ability to search the database by labels either it’s a car or a man.

Dahua’s H.265+

A few words about Dahua’s H.265+ video compression technology – Dahua promise a reduced up to 30% video file size and the bandwidth, accordingly, in compare to the standard H.265 codec. And up to 80% in compare to the older H.264. And these numbers are achieved by the advanced compression allocation. You see, the objects of our interest, the moving objects, people and vehicles are recorded in good quality, but fixed objects are compressed way more. But don’t worry, it won’t look like what you see now on the Gif below, this is a conscious exaggeration. The bottom line is that the required objects look good and are compressed just slightly, but the level of details of unwanted things is what we have sacrificed to get a reduction.

Hardware & Common

Concerning the common characteristics – 1 channel for cameras under 8 mp. resolution. 4K, but for a single camera only. The rest 3 are up to 2 MP FullHD, 30 FPS. The maximum hard drive capacity supported is 6TB., also we have here 3 Onvif profiles supported for 3rd-party cameras. That is: live streaming, saving and recording of videos onto the hard driveand H.265 compression rate support for 3rd party cameras. The motion detection events and the tamper alarm, and even a PTZ cameras control over the network in live mode. Regarding the ports and interfaces: 2 USB’s 2.0, HDMI, VGA, RJ-45 for twisted pair, RCA in and out and 12V power in.

Also what’s awesome on the set-up stage is the fresh web-interface version 4.0, that you can see on our youtube channel with activation and setting up smart functions.

Awesome device regarding intelligent functionality and feature set, regarding the price and the comfort when using it, thanks to the new UI. I really enjoyed working with this Dahua NVR2104-I network video recorder, based on the artificial intelligent processor, and I hope you like it too 🙂 FP> D> If that’s a Yes – get ot on the Pipl Systems Store 🙂

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