AJAX Alarm System Reviews: Ajax DoorProtect & DoorProtect Plus [3/15]

Recently we have decided to film a series of videos and write a series of articles, dedicated specifically to the Ajax Systems. The goal is to write about and to film every single device out of all 25 approximately, that Ajax Systems has at the moment.

And thus, we continue with the Ajax DoorProtect and Ajax DoorProtect Plus – you are going to learn the devices intend, functionality, know how to the start-up devices and see a working principle, and also find out what distinctions do regular and plus versions have. And of course we got all the Ajax 25 devices officially on a Pipl Systems Website within a worldwide delivery.

Working Principle

The device is quite simple, so as it’s working principle. But what they don’t say in the name – it’s also a window opening detector, used for doors and windows equally. And that is why we have an additional magnetic contact in box besides a main sensor. That is just a tiny magnet, and that is why it perfectly fits for on-windows install. The same as a second magnet, made in the shape of main sensor – but that’s just a magnet too, intended for install on a door.

Now, this is the main and the onliest sensor in here, and well you know, the working principle is based on a reed switch, which is able to detect when the contacts are closed or open due to a magnetic field principle.

The DoorProtect Plus box contents are hundreed percent identical to a regular version, except the sensor’s filling, because what is has in addition – the accelerometer, which makes a sensor be able to feel a tilt applied to it and also detect an impact applied to an adjoining door or a window. For now, that’s all functional distinctions they have, but what we are curious – how does that affects our interaction and working with the device?

Charachteristics & Distinctions

On the box back we can see, the accelerometer in stock decreases the battery life from up to 7 years in regular to 5 years in plus version. But with the accelerometer on board, opens the possibility to detect if the adjoining door or the window was harmed, and also it opens the possibility to arm the system with this sensor in a half-open position.

Meaning, if you have opened your window in the ventilation mode and the main sensor has a gap between a magnetic contact, you won’t get an alert that the sensor is open, because it is able to remember it’s position, and if something changes after that, if the window was harmed or tilted more than expected – you’ll get an instant intruder alert.

So yes, you hang it on a door or a window, arm the system, and if some intruder opens it, you’ll know that instantly, due to a reed switch working principle. The operational range of both sensors is 1 200 meters within 12 seconds ping frequency, and you can also pair it with a wired NC detector.



Activation &Connection

We thought the best way is to show you, so here comes the video:



Simple, yet the most effecient kind of detector, that is based on a reed switch working principle, and wу also got here an option to install it on the window. Simpe, modern and futiristic design, black and white color body options, plus an Ajax user-friendly device ecosystem within a few Ajax-exclusive technologies, low price and long battery life makes it a perfect pick. And that is why Ajax Systems has such many awards.

We got all of the 25 Ajax Systems devices for sale and a worlwide delivery in a Pipl Systems Store officially.

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