AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax GlassProtect + Real-Time Test [10/15]

We got in our studio the Ajax GlassProtect sensor from the Ajax “Detector” category, based on a specific sound recognition algorythm. We’re going to tell you what is it, reveal a features, tell you how is it installed and test it real-time. Order this GlassProtect or any of all twenty five Ajax Devices on the Pipl Systems Store 🙂

What Is The Ajax GlassProtect?

Basically, Ajax GlassProtect is a microphone, that you can tell if you look at the body, the little hole on it just discloses the whole sensor’s intend, and it really looks like an Ajax DoorProtect Sensor. Not basically, Ajax have also fitted in this tiny body an up to 5 years lifelong battery, radio transmitter and reciever, operating under Ajax Jeweller radio-protocol on a waves 868.6 megahertz.

Declared operating range reaches up to a 1 000 meters, pings frequency parameter here makes up 12 to 300 seconds, which is common among Ajax Systems’ devices, and it detects a threat, a sound of broken glass, for as far as 9 meters away from event. Also, Ajax fits the box with a little wired connector for NC sensors.

The installing of this one happens quite easy, and there’s two ways for it: within the box screws and dowells you can fix it on a wall, or use can use a sticker. The sensor is quite light, and well we’ve fastened the one that we have in our office with sticker and it’s been a year since it’s there.

And so, the sensor is based on a microphone and you will ask how does it distinguish a real threat sound from the other loud noises, because you coud’ve just accidentally drop a glass in house, and there are also other different sounds coming from outside of the window, like dog’s barking, thunder and car horns, and… how does it? The answer is a two-factor algorythm, and in the next block I’ll show what is it.

Real-time Test

We’re not breaking a glass to trigger the Ajax GlassProtect sensor, but we simulate the conditions to trigger it. The gif on your right shows the two-factor algorythm in action; That’s what happens:

  1. Deaf hit sound;
  2. Metal ruler touches the surface, creating a sound that is very close to the exact sound of a broken glass touching the ground;
  3. Sensor spots both sounds, defines it as a threat, launches the alarm and gives a notification



Well actually you can have both MotionProtect and GlassProtect in one device, and it’s called CombiProtect, but to tell some concluding words about this one – light, easy to install, furutistic and nice design, simple, and yet guarantees the absence of false alarms. Order up on the Pipl Systems Store website, link is in description – special offers are applied to the ones, who specify they are subscribed. Thank you for watching. Yout protection and your knowing of what surrounds you – our main goals in the Pipl Systems Store.

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