AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax StreetSiren & Ajax HomeSiren

Well you know what a home siren is. A device that produces some very loud noises to notify everone that something went wrong, either it’s an intruder, fire alarm, water leak an et cetera. This time we are reviewing Ajax StreetSiren and Ajax HomeSiren. And of course, judging by the name, you got indoor and outdoor devices, where a main difference is a loudness, but lets go deeper and find out more features. Ajax StreetSiren, Ajax HomeSiren and all 26 Ajax Systems Sensors are available on the Pipl Systems Website.

Box Contents / Appearance

Inside of boxes we have the exact sensors in a cardboard wrappings, quick start guides and screws packs. Regarding the design, the outdoor version is about 5 times bigger over the indoor one. The exterior of an AJax HomeSiren is made from cloth, under which there’s the exact buzzer, able to produce from 81 to 105 decibels volume noise. The cover on a backside is removeable, under which we have a power button, QR-code, tamper button and a tiny input for the external LED.

Ajax StreetSiren’s front is cold and metal, the body is surrounded by the solid LED frame. The buzzer in there is able to produce noises as loud as 85 to a 113 decibels. UNder a cover there’s power button, QR-code and the external power supply connection terminals. What’s unusual – you won’t find here a tamper button, instead of which Ajax installed an accelerometer in an outdoor siren so the device can actually feel if it’s being taken off.

Specifications / Features


Ajax HomeSiren

Ajax StreetSiren

Type Wireless Indoor Siren Wireless Outdoor Siren
Alarm Volume 85 – 123 dB 85 – 123 dB
LED’s Internal / External Internal / External
Operating Range 2 000 m. 1 500 m.
Comm. Protocol Ajax Jeweller Ajax Jeweller
Battery Life Up to 5 Years Up to 5 Years
Pings Frequency 12-300 ms. 12-300 ms.
Protection Rate IP-54
Additional Tamper Button Built-in Accelerometer


So what do you get with Ajax Sirens? First of all, a bunch of Ajax-regular specifications, like a pings frequency parameter with a numbers of 12-300 seconds, and an integrated Ajax Jeweller radioprotocol to transmit sensor’s status over a radio waves. And what’s funny – the Outdoor StreetSiren makes up 1500 meters as a transmission range, while a HomeSiren is capable of 2000 meters. And due to this StreetSiren’s outdoor status, we have the IP-54 dust and water protection, you won’t find it in this smaller HomeSiren. The Battery parameter is identical for both sensors and is up to 5 years. And usually when you arm or disarm your system you recieve a push notification, telling you the system was armed or disarmed, and after connecting a Siren you will also hear a Sound and see the LED-flashing coming from Siren, reporting that the alarm system’s status has changed.


To conclude, Ajax Sirens are often bought and installed to frighten away the intruder. Some guy breaks into your house and what happens is that he gets spotted and in that second the siren turns on and the room is filled with super loud noise, the intruder gets bewildered and now the first thing he will try to do is to take off the siren, which is not easy to do too. Your neighbours are aware something went wrong, the intruder know he is spotted and his time decreased. If you are afraid of robbery, a must have thing for you. Get these in a grey or black color officially on the Pipl Systems Store 🙂

A connection procedure is available in the video:

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