Ajax Alarm System Review: NEW 12V. PSU Board For Ajax Hub / Hub Plus / Hub 2 / Rex Assembling

A little update from Ajax Systems – the board, an extension, named as simple as the device is – 12V PSU, Power Supply Unit, that comes in 2 versions: for Ajax Hub 1, Hub Plus and Ajax Rex Extender, and the separate version for Ajax Hub 2. We’ll tell you what it is and show you how to replace original 230V board with this new 12V board with your bare hands on the Ajax Hub 2.

It’s a 12-volt power supply board, that’s being installed internally in the device body instead of factory pre-installed 110/230V board. The intent is clear – that’s a one more option, it’s kind of “extends” Ajax Hub availability and makes Ajax Hub be able to be powered from low-voltage power source or a portable battery, like in our case. We are going to power up Ajax Hub 2 from the uninterruptible power source with a built-in battery. And among application places there are warehouses and country houses, villas, it can be a trailer, yacht, cottage – there’s really a lot of application options. The point is that it makes Ajax Hub more standalone and opens up new use scenarios.

Due to that body structure is identical for Hub 1, Hub Plus and Rex, we’ve got 1 board that fits for them all on the left. And there’s a separate one for Hub 2 only, because you can tell – these are different sizes. We’ve got 4 elements inside for both boxes: the board itself, the terminal adapter, which is just awesome and you don’t have to purchase it additionally like PSU’s for cameras, they have just put it into the box. Quick start guides and a sticker, that says that after replacing the original power supply with this new one, take this sticker and stick it over the old inscription, saying about 110/230V. Now let’s disassemble Ajax Hub 2 and put in there a new board, though, it is yet better to be performed by a qualified electrician (honestly you can easily do it on your own).

Replacement and Installation



And the most crucial part – plugging in, LAN and 12 Volt Power


I like that Ajax Systems make their products more available, that they offer more options and are becoming more universal. That’s quite a simple and inexpensive solution, but Ajax made it specifically because they hear what their clients say. There were just a lot of requests from users, who were asking to release such board to make Ajax Hub more universal, more available, and supporting low-voltage power sources. Thank you, Ajax Systems.

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