Ajax StarterKit Cam Review: Hub 2 / MotionCam / DoorProtect / SpaceControl Ajax Alarm System

Ajax StarterKit Cam is nearly the same Ajax StarterKit that you have seen earlier, but on a 50% it consists of relatively a new appliance, and we would rather call it an extension kit, although it’s a good extension with some notable changes

It all begins with a white box – Ajax StarterKit Cam consists from 4 devices:

General: The Hub 2

Ajax are not modifying the devices looks since 1st generation and I suppose that’s ok, I like the way they look, but I’d like to see some improvements that would distinct 1st and 2nd Gen. Ajax Hub 2 has RJ-45 LAN-cable input, screws pack and a power wire in the box along with the exact device. Yes, Ajax Hub has a built-in lithium battery, but it switches to it only if the power went out and The Hub will hold out a maximum of 15-16 hours on that battery in the emergency mode. The sensors, of course, don’t require a constant power source and are 100% wireless.

Concerning the exact device, the Hub 2, – frankly speaking, the only REAL update it offers is a MotionCam sensor support along with a photos transfer over a radio waves, called an “Ajax Wings” radio transmission technology. And on top of that, the original radio-protocol, the Ajax Jeweler, used for a threat signal transmission, remained too, so now you have a split: wings for photos and jeweler for alarm events, and a photos transfer takes more time, as expected.

Here’s also a few minor changes, that are: more cameras or NVR’s to connect with: the number increased from 10 to 25 for Hub 2 compared to Hub 1, and we’ve also got 2 backup sim-card slots, located under the back lid, instead of only a single sim support for Ajax Hub 1. Unfortunately, there is yet no 3G or 4G cellular support, and I know that some countries are switching 2G networks off, so Ajax are really cutting off their availability to everyone with this parameter.

The last one is an increased quantity of supported scenarios at once, which was 10 maximum for a first Hub and now it is 30 for Hub 2. You may have not yet heard of a Scenarios support for Ajax because they came out quite recently and not all countries are supported yet, but you’re not losing much. It’s all about scheduling simple on and off tasks – that’s mostly it. Although, Hub 2 is kind of a downgrade if we’re comparing it to Ajax Hub Plus, but the price of the Hub 2 is still lower than a Hub Plus and I suppose we can expect Hub 2 Plus version with a 4G networks support.

Ajax MotionCam

Ajax MotionCam. What it does?

Basically, a combination of a passive infrared sensor (PIR) and a camera in one body. The intent is clear – after the infrared sensor spots a motion – the camera module takes a series of photos and right away sends it to your phone so you can evaluate the situation by the means of a visual perception. Almost a network camera with the built-in PIR? No, because the photos are transmitted via radio frequencies.

We’ve got here 12 meters of a detection distance, but the real numbers are closer to 6-9 meters. 1700 m. operating range, maximum photos resolution 640×480, 3 years of battery life, owing to new functions included and the classic pet immunity for pets under 20 kg. and 50 centimeters in height. And this is how those photos look in 3 available resolutions in day and night modes:

It isn’t that good as expected, because that’s rather a photo camera than a camera that we are used to, as you only get a series of photos taken frame after frame, and they come in a very low resolution in a maximum quantity of 5 images at once, which reminds of GIF-animations. What’s awesome though is that those photos are transferred via radio-waves and this way does not involve any Wi-Fi or a cellular network in the process, and thus Ajax have made it work completely via radio-waves and that is quite an achievement. And so, this is that distinction that makes only a Hub 2 support a MotionCam sensor. All-new radio-transmission technology called “Wings” with an increased bandwidth, that lets it transmit a weightier files like photos, instead of only a “threat” signal type transferring.

Ajax DoorProtect

The 3rd component is DoorProtect sensor, which operational principle is based on a reed switch, that is able to detect when the magnets inside are closed or open due to the magnetic field principle. Quite simple, yet efficient solution. This is a door and a window protector, what’s not mentioned in a name – withing the box you get a tiny magnet that fits better for on-windows installation, and the principle is absolutely the same for windows. The battery life makes up 7 worries-free years, the operational range is 1200 m. along with a 12 s. pings frequency, and you can also pair it with a wired NC-detectors.

Ajax SpaceControl

The last one is a SpaceControl key fob, and it is highly simple here – 4 buttons, assigned to 4 main actions:

  • Arm the system;
  • Disarm;
  • Sleep mode;
  • Panic button, triggered to send an alarm signal to a security company;

All that actions are being indicated by the LED in a middle. Ajax phone app duplicates its looks on a systems’ control screen. Basically, it’s a phone replacement with physical buttons for the fans of the ones, and also the intend is revealed like this: during emergency cases, seconds make the outcome. Unlock the phone, type the passcode, get into the app, unlock the app with a passcode, go to arming screen, press the button. OR! Just grab this one and press a physical button with a touch haptic feedback, see the LED-indication and realize it is a much more fast and convenient way.


Ajax Starterkit comes as a basement of your system. On the one hand, it consists of all essential sensors to begin with, but on the other hand – it implies that you will be expanding your alarm system setup to fit in your occasion, your property size and your requirements. Ajax StarterKit Cam version is a bit controversial, but still definitely demanded and furthermore, there is no actual sense to purchase Hub 1 StarterKit at least because the price is nearly identical. In the Pipl Systems store we have got All Ajax Kits, Sensors and much more for you like network camera, IP intercoms, and many other devices and brands for you 🙂

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