EZVIZ LC1 Floodlight Security Camera Outdoor Review

Ezviz LC1 Floodlight camera is in our office, and honestly this is something we didn’t expect from Ezviz, to us it’s something way from the other league, different from a low-price home security cams segment, so common for EZviz, which is awesome. Here you’ll find a review, specifications, see the LC1 video quality and… a lot more! Also you can get this Ezviz LC1 on the Pipl Systems Website:

The Box Contents and The Looks

The box consists of:

  • EZviz LC1 Floodlight Security Camera
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Screwdriwer
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Gasket
  • Wire Connectors x3
  • Screws (bracket, mounting and base screws)

The camera body is mdde from a silumin, a high-strength aluminium alloy made from aluminum and silicon, which is cheaper and harder then aluminum, and is corrosion resistant in a moist environments. One more thing that captures the attention except the giant floodlights and unusual construction, is the communication tail, as the cam is hardwired and requires from 110 to 240 Volts power supply and is powered via the junction box or the plug. Yeah, this monster is not energy-saving at all. At to be exact, these giant flashlights are able to produce 2500 lumens. To demonstrate this power, below you’ll find a video taken from Ezviz LC1 at night in our office with the lights off and on.

As you can see, that is enough power to light up the entire room, what to say about an entrance area. To compare, the most commonly used in residential areas LED street lights make up about 5000 lumens.

LC1 Features

  • FUllHD 1080p / 60Hz 30fps
  • 140° Camera View Field
  • Dual 2500 LM LED Lights
  • 270° Infrared Sensor
  • Motion Detection
  • 100 dB Alarm Siren
  • Night Vision (Up to 18m/60ft)
  • Built-in Speaker & Microphone
  • IP65 Dust & Water Resistance
  • MicroSD Support Up to 128GB
  • Google Assistant & Alexa Support

All these three bulging out elements are adjustable in their position, there are the rotating pan rings near a basement and near the exact lights, and there’s the tilt screws to adjust an angle. The exact camera element holds on a solid ball-type joint. And thus, EZviz LC1 is intended for outdoor install, we have here an IP-65 protection rate, meaning we have a rain and dust resistance.

The exact camera lens is FUllHD 1080 P module with a 140° field of view, able to record in 60 Ghz and 30 fps. The LED-indicator, microphone hole, and the speaker, meaning we’re able to communicate both sides via EZviz LC1 camera. And what else awesome here is this massive infrared sensor on a downside, featuring 270° round detection. Every intruder is gonna get spotted even at night as far as 60 feet or 18 meters away owing to a hardware motion detection and then scared out with the built-in siren, coming from a speaker on sides, that yells out as loud as a 100 decibels.

And of course you’be instantly notified to your connected device. All your records and captures you can store on the microSD inputted in here on a side, under a cover, with the capacity of a 128 gigabytes maximum, next to it there’s a reset button. Here’s a video I have shot on this cam so you can estimate the quality with your own eyes.


Connection & Test

What I like about Ezviz particulalry and a consumer cams segment is the activation and a work start. Everything was made for users.



You may not be afraid to install the Ezviz LC1 wherever you want thanks to IP-65 protection rate, cause it will withstand anything. A great 270° infrared sensor round motion detection, live alarms and notifications, powerfull dual floodlights, 100 decibel siren, night vision, field of view of 140°. A lot of features that make this one a good choice. Get it in black or white body color officially on the Pipl Systems Store Website 🙂

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