Face Recognition And Temperature Measurement 2-in-1 Access Control Terminal By Dahua Review & Demo!

Dahua Temperature Measurement and Face Recognition Access Control terminal is being installed in the entrance area: doors, turnstile or a barrier gate, to act as a checkpoint between street and the working facility for employees. In such scenario, we’ve got 3 assessment criterias: a permissible temperature, face recognition and mask check before a person is let into the building. Among supported functions there is also entry by individual cards and by passwords, but actually there’s a lot more to talk about.

Dahua Technology DHI-ASI7213X-T1 is its name, and fundamentally it’s the access control terminal, able to measure temperature, recognize faces and detect if a person wears mask, if… the situation requires person to wear it, that is configurable. On top of that we can arrange entry by a password and card… And those recognition status and temperature details are displayed in form of the event on this separate monitor, from which we can also open the door and call to the terminal.


Numbers / Features

  • Face Recognition speed of 0.2 s. per face;
  • Temperature measurement error is no more than ± 0.5 Celsius;
  • Terminal measures temperature and recognizes faces up to 1.8 m. away from it, that’s a great indicator;
  • Stores up to 100 000 users;
  • 100 000 face images;
  • 100 000 cards;
  • 100 000 passwords;
  • 50 Administrators
  • 3 000 Event Records

And there is an option to entry by a combination of these, like face plus password, or a card plus face and et cetera. I can call myself a fan of these terminals. That’s quite a solution: compact, and in some sense standalone, not requiring any additional hardware. Like a Swiss knife, all-in-one. Things I like about this one in particular, is a design, telling me it is solid, a larger temperature measurement and facial recognition distance – that’s about the convenience. It doesn’t require you to adjust your head position or whatever for things to work. It happens seamlessly – the way it should happen. That’s what I mean by “convenience”. Great speed, good accuracy and enormous capacities for data storing.

Hardware / Body Overview

From top to bottom – thermographic temperature measurement module, flash line, dual camera module for facial recognition and two Infrared LEDs on sides around dual camera for accurate night scanning. Light sensor and the microphone that makes it kind of a door station, but not actually – it allows a person in front of this terminal to talk with a security guard if he dials it, so that’s kind of one-way. 7-inch LCD 1024×600 touch screen. LED-line, displaying current status with different colors, speaker and lower – power, network and a lot of interfaces to connect within alarm sensors, buttons, locks and many else.

That simple: a visitor with no mask want to get in – nope young man, but let me get the mask on, there we go, it also checks my temperature is okay. Now the password, let me type it in, there we go, and the card. Great! Although, if an unregistered person tries to get it – well, he won’t go further, the security guard will get the notification. And due to that we can turn on combinations of access methods, like face plus mask plus card and eventually we’ll get even more security out of it.


There’s a common question that sounds: “What should I choose? Dahua, Hikvision, ZKTeco, anything else?” They all have terminals, access control, face recognition, temperature measurement, thermal cameras, fingerprints and cards and passwords. Go with one brand, a single manufacturer. Usually the security system is not limited by one device. Terminals, intercoms, cameras, video recorders, and the thing is that every manufacturer has its pros and cons, but try to look a bit ahead and select based on a system that you want to get, but not on the single device. And about this Dahua terminal – I liked it a lot. What’s awesome is that you can get it in the Pipl Systems Store within all other parts and a range of other thermographic equipment, temperature measurement systems and a lot else!

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