When 2 Greatest CCTV Companies Unite: Hikvision & Pyronix Wireless Alarm System

The Hikvision Alarm Kit, Hikvision Alarm System.

It may seem that they are not enough of the reputation of being the world’s number #1 leading CCTV products’s manufacturer, and now they are bursting onto the Alarm Systems market. Today we have a few Pyronix and Hikvision insights for you and answer to the question: «What Happens When 2 Greatest CCTV Companies Unite To Create A Wireless Alarm System?» and also a Hikvision + Pyronix Wireless Alarm Kit Review.


You probably heard of Pyronix. Founded in 1986, by 2015 had an extreme quantity of security awards. Known for the 1987 world’s smallest Passive infrared sensor launch. The Jullie Kenny, Pyronix MD became first female Director of British Security Association by 1992. The first Award in IFSEC London for the Pyronix Equinox CDA. One more award in 1997, manufacturer of year in 2001 according to Italy and Poland. Ifsec Entire Industry award in 2002, Security Excellence Award in 2004… quite a few.

To end the timeline – in 2016 Hikvision acquired Pyronix and after that the new chapter began in the live of both companies. Three of the awards are a merit of a Pyronix Enforcer System. This is why we are reviewing Hikvision’s Pyronix Enforcer reinventing model. Hikvision Wireless Control Panel DS-PWA32-KST.


Kit Contents:

• Wireless Alarm Hub
• Magenetic Contact, or the Door Opening Sensor
• Motion Detector
• The Keyfob
• Additional Megnetic Keyfobs – 5 pcs.


What The Sensors Are Capable Of:

Hikvision_hub   1. The Hub is the Systems’s brain. The sensors are observing a scene and if a triggered event happens, like spotting the intruder’s movement, – the information is instantly sent to the hub, which in his turn decides what to do according to the settings we’ve set on it. It can be loud notifications, like when your phone and hub would noise hard or calling a security company and report of situation.

Hikvision_detector2. Motion Detect is you know what it is. The infrared sensor that spots the movement. Being installed on the wall’s corner overhead, right below the ceiling. Nothing spectacular, except the fact this is a Pyronix plus Hikvision development. And also, it supports such doorbell function as ringing when it is triggered in a disarming status.

Hikvision_magnetic3. Magenetic Contact, or the Door Opening Sensor. Consists of 2 pieces: main sensor and a magnet. It works this way: you install it on your door on the internal side of it and then if the system and the sensor is in armed position – this 2 contacts disjunction launches the trigger event and then this status is transmitted to the Hub.

Hikvision_keyfob4. The Keyfob. Well, the process of working with the entire system is based on using your phone and a pre-installed Hik-connect app. You can get one for free on the App Store and a Google Play. Yet, why do you then need it? Well, after you unlock your phone with the 2-step verification, get into the app, input password there, disarm the system, call a security company or press the panic button – It takes time! While the keyfob is very unhindereably reachable, because it’s in your pocket – and here you have buttons, you don’t have to wait, it won’t discharge, no passwords, the pure buttons only. This is faster, and that is why it is included within a package.
Hikvision_keyfob5. Additional Megnetic Keyfobs. Simply a “cards” to have on your every family member’s keychain so you can arm or disarm the system by just touching the hub with it. No phone needed, no buttoned keyfob needed. Only the physical touch.


The Hikvision Hub supports up to 32 inputs and 32 alarm outputs, 8 controls and 2 sirens. Such function as IVaas (Intrusion Verification As A Service) implemented here too: Support up to 2 alarm recording channels 7 seconds pre or post for Video Verification. Supports a video visualization of the event through the mobile client and email. Can be configurated via web, mobile client or a client software. Sends alarm notification via SMS messages, Push Notifications and Emails.

The communication distance in open area parameter makes up an 800 meters. Has an Led indicator of system status. Connection is 10 or 100 meters auto-adaptive. Supports 3G and 4G connection, IC Card, and WiFi is 2.4 GHz standard.


I really want to know your opinion in comments. What do you think aboit this device? I mean, the market is literally flooded with a similar devices and alarms, so I see nothing spectacular here except the fact this is a HIkvision and Pyronix develop. Yet, I really believe these companies and that is why we are reviewing it and going to make a 1-week test drive to see how good is it in use.

I’ll report to you with a video after that. Write down in comments if you think I should do that. Soon you can get this on the Pipl Systems Store Website within a special offer from me, thus don’t forget to specify you came from Daniel when you order. Thank you for watching, safety to you with the Pipl Systems 🙂

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