Hikvision Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Terminal Complete Easy Setup & Review

Recently we reviewed ZKTeco and Dahua Technology variations of Access Control Terminals that feature Temperature Measurement, Face Recognition and Mask Check as a criterias to check before a person is let into the building. Now it is, Hikvision’s turn, and you know, every single one of them has its own “catchy” features, that make it stand out from the others, and plus, it highly relies on which system and devices of which brand you already have in use, or planning to. My name’s Daniel, Pipl Systems Store.


This is how it may look in use: I walk in, the face recognition and temperature measurement functions do their job, but! It doesn’t let me in and not opening the door because I am not wearing a mask, and that is why I hear the warning. Alright, I’m wearing a mask → temperature is OK, my face is recognized, but it still doesn’t let me in, because to enter I have to match 4 criterias – my face is recognized, my personal card is identified, my temperature below the upper line and I wear a mask. And we can also add to this order the entry by an individual password, or we can do it all completely opposite and set it up as a public access control terminal. In such case it will let in any person who matches: A) normal temperature; B) a person wears a mask; And it doesn’t require a person to be pre-enrolled in the database.

And If I grab a cup with a hot liquid and place it in front of my forehead – of course I won’t be let in either because this is the principle of operation for such terminals, which is that they measure a temperature of a forehead area. Let me tell you what happened: Face Recognition → Temperature Indicator → Mask Warning → Mask Wear Entry → Card → Password → Entry by Face + Card + Password Combo → Hot Liquid Test → Public Terminal Demo.

Features & Specs

  • Temperature measurement
  • Facial Recognition
  • Mask Check
  • Entry by Cards
  • Entry by Passwords
  • Time Attendance
  • Public Access Control
  • Door Station Functionality
  • Two-way Video & Audio
  • Web / IVMS-4200 / On Terminal Easy Set-up

The good thing I want to begin with is that it isn’t expensive (surprisingly), but still accurate meaning that any enterprise can afford one for them, resulting in a wider infiltration, that increases an overall protection against viruses and unauthorized intrusion. The combination of: Temperature measurement, Facial Recognition, Mask Check, entry by user cards and passwords, I think, can ensure a threat recognition on the entry stage. Plus, we can set the entry by the combination of authentication methods like card plus face, face plus password and etc,. And the TOP feature – it can be a public access control terminal, meaning that it can automatically, in the standalone mode open the door to people who are not in database, and to let them in if they match a normal temperature criterias and they wear a mask – and that is just an incredible feature. Although, if some error occurred or a new person needs to get in a building – owing to a microphone and speaker the visitor can call a security guard who monitors events on this thing remotely, and ask for his permission to enter, which is nice. So that makes it a Door Station, and you can Actually bind it to a monitor and literally use it as a Door Station with 2-way video and audio talk. And it’s also a time attendance tracking, so like, you will also know about your employees working hours and events related to entry and exit, that are marked with person’s ID.

Body Overview

  • Thermographic Module
  • Dual 2 MP Camera
  • Flashlight to Light Up
  • Infrared LED’s for Night Mode
  • 7-inch Touch LCD
  • MiFare Card Compatible Reader
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • Sim-card Slot
  • Network interface 1
  • RS-485 1x
  • Wiegand 1x
  • Lock output 1x
  • Exit button 1x
  • Door contact input 1x
  • IO input 2x
  • IO output 1x
  • Tamper 1x

Hikvision DS-K1TA70MI-T Temperature Measurement and Face Recognition Access Control Terminal consists of: thermographic temperature measurement module, flash line, dual camera module for facial recognition and Infrared LEDs on sides around dual camera for accurate night scanning. 7-inch LCD touch screen with a good responsiveness, MiFare card compatible reader, microphone, speaker, and next to it there’s also a USB2.0, and even one more on a side. On the back there’s a sim-card slot, power, network and a lot of other interfaces to connect within alarm sensors, buttons, locks, Wiegand, RS-485 and others.

Live Set-up

What I like – it is really easy to start this one up having no experience working with such equipment at all. Easy to activate and set up what you need – now I will enroll myself in the database with my Face photo, administrator status, Mifare card and password, and then I want to set up a rule that wearing a mask is mandatory to enter, plus a reminder to wear a mask, and I also want to see the settings for permissible temperature limits, and modify them a bit:

The Numbers

Although, in real life you won’t be enrolling the entire company by manually adding every single employee like I did, so what you do – you install a Hikvision IVMS-4200 software onto your computer, add the terminal to your device list and then upload a database with your employees in there. Also I know that they are going to add a Web Interface configuration in here soon. And the numbers are impressive

  • Temperature Measuring Deviation: ±0.5 °C;
  • Recognition Distance: 0.3 – 1.8 m;
  • Face Recognition in <2 s Per User;
  • Face Recognition Accuracy ≥99%;
  • Card capacity: 6 000;
  • Face capacity: 6 000;
  • Event capacity: 100 000;

To end this one up – let me count what I like about it and the features: Temperature measurement, Facial Recognition, Mask Check, entry by user cards and by passwords and entry by the combination of those, the possibility to use it as a door station to call to indoor monitors and to a security guard on center, the time attendance, and the option to use it as a Standalone and automated public access control terminal requiring no man to control it! Nice, isn’t it? Plus a great numbers for enrolling a database with employees’ bio features and big events storing capacity. And a good price. It is being installed in the entrance area: doors, turnstile or a barrier gate, it is acting as a checkpoint between a street and a working facility for employees, it fits well for hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, stations an etc. And you can get it in the Pipl Systems Store within all other parts and a range of other thermographic equipment, temperature measurement systems and a lot else!

Watch Video Review on YouTube:

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