Hikvision Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal IVMS & SADP Setup

Fingerprint Access Control Terminal is what we have today for a review. Hikvision’s Pro Series DS-K1T804 terminal. And except the box contents and a features, we’ll disclose the activation from a scratch via a manufacturer’s SADP and IVMS-4200 software: how to add a user, how to enroll a fingerprints, cards, codes, and how to set-up the entire system. Hikvision’s Pro Series are available on the Pipl Systems Website along with a worldwide delivery. Specify you are subscribed and get your special offer right away.

The Box Contents And The Appearance

Along the box contents of 804 control terminal we have a:

  • Pack with parts
  • Quick start guide
  • Mounting template sticker
  • Firmware CD
  • Pack of screws and anchors
  • Metal bracket for mounting
  • Bunch of communication wires
  • The exact Terminal device

The exact device is plastic, starting from top we have a 2.4 inch, 320×240 LCD screen to display a time, date, and also the authentication results. Below it we there’s a standard 1 to 0 keypad with the “escape”, “confirm” and the direction buttons. The mian modules are located below a keypad: doorbell chime button and a fingerprint reader module, and the panel is also capable of reading Mi-fare type cards. Under the cover on a side there’s a USB-input, reset button, and a speaker on the opposite side. The back of device fits on it a tamper button, the LAN-cable input, RS-485 interface, door lock terminal and a 12V Power input. And as there’s no any power supply unit in here, it’s up to you to get one additionally or connect it to a power source that you already have, like a mechanical chimes one.

The Feature Set

DS-K1T804 terminal represents an access control both with the time attendance functionality. Different users are having unique identifiers and we’re always able to view an events log and be aware of which user have used a terminal and in which time he did. It is standalone and it does not require any additional appliances. Right on a spot we can make all the settings and input all the users and their details. The key feature here is the authentication via a fingerprint, card or a code, and the numbers are quite great, that are 3000 users maximum, and to every single one of them you can assign a card, a pass-code, and a fingerprints in the amount of 10 for every single person. An events storing capacity reaches up to a 100 000 records and a 150 000 time attendance records. And of course, we can fill a database remotely, or right here directly via the terminal, and that data with a card and attendance information can be exported via USB. A terminal can be connected to 3rd-party bells and alarm sensors, to doors and locks and et cetera.

Activation / Test

Here’s our elementary scheme: 12V power adapter + connector + power wires from the box + LAN-cable, and you can see it is turned on. Then we switch to a computer to activate it via manufacturer’s software: SADP tool and IVMS-4200 software. Be sure to have those tp proceed..


Hikvision Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal IVMS & SADP Setup. It’s an access control, a time attendance, even kind of a doorbell functionality here. This terminal is fully standalone, and yet you can drop a data to it remotely. Integration with a 3rd-party alarm sensors, doors and locks. 3 authentication ways, which is a fingerprint, card and a pass-code – all of this makes the Hikvision DS-K1A804 terminal a great choice. Get it officially on the Pipl Systems Store Website

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