Hikvision Villa Door Stations Review: DS-KV8113, DS-KV8213, DS-KV8413: Versatility and Style

Today we are reviewing freshy Hikvision IP door stations, representatives of the
Villa series: DS-KV8113-WPE1, DS-KV8213-WPE1, and DS-KV8413-WPE1

Box / Looks / Body Overview

Well, in general, a simple and solid door station, and that’s what I like about it. In the review I’m focusing on the mid version with 2 buttons, because, after all, this is a sole difference between all 3 versions – 8113 on single button, 8213 on 2 button, and 8413 on 4. That’s what I like about Hikvision product markings. Everything else – the box contents, technically – everything is identical with all versions.

Inside of the box we have got a door station along with metal-color front frame for it. A package with quick start guide, a mounting sticker, Mifare card for testing, 2 packs with screws and anchors, a tiny screwdriver and a hexagon. 4 screws for fastening back plate part to the main panel. The door station itself has a microphone and speaker on it’s face part, taht are creating 2-way communication. Then we have 3-digit indication: the outgoing call, communication takes place and entry is allowed. The camera module is 2mp., FULLHD 1080p, capable of recording at 30 FPS, the view angle is 128 degrees, which is good.

Then, accordingly, we have 2 buttons that we are tying up within specific subscribers to perform calls. And then – a card reader, supporting Mifare type of cards. And, apparently, there is something from EXIR-type infrared illumination, because we have 2 low-visible infrared LEDs located on left and right to the card reding icon, to be as less noticeable as possible.

After the rear plastic frame is removed, we have revealed a microSD card slot with a maximum capacity of 128 gigabytes and the debug port. What remains is the tamper on the back, and what we have in the bottom – RJ-45 for the LAN cable, and by the way, our call panel supports PoE-feature, thus we can supply power and network via single twisted pair cable, coming from the PoE-switch or PoE-injector. However, we can easily bring here 12 volts power supply as well. Terminals for connecting doors – 1 and 2, inputs for alarm sensors, and here’s a RS-485 interface.

Features & Specs

KV8113, KV8213, KV8413 have Wi-fi support, software-level motion detection, IP-65 protection rate against water and dust, and anti-vandal protection of IK08 level. What I really like about these Door Stations is that they’re standalone and universal. It is suitable for both home and more professional applications. The panel can work and direct calls directly into the IVMS-4200 on PC, in mobile Hik-connect app, and can also be connected to the concierge, master station and several monitors. Now we are going to add 2 cards into the door station and load up that data to it, activate it, bind it to the IVMS on PC, Hik-connect on a phone, and also bring it out to the monitor and test it


We’ll start from activating and adding the panel to IVMS-4200, then I’m gonna add 2 Mifare card, and set my PC as the center, where the call from a first button will go, the second will go to the intercom monitor, plus I will add this whole thing to the mobile Hik-connect. So we activate the panel in IVMS, and then adding a card in the Person tab.

About mobile Hik-connect – what’s awesome is that from a scratch, without activation through a PC, we can instantly add our door station into the mobile Hik-connect and get access to a minimal functionality available from a phone with no monitor involved. And either it’s the QR-code, or an IP-address, or the phone app can catch up the device you if you are logged into the same account in PC IVMS and Hik-connect.


Concluding – the Door Stations that we’ve got today is simple and convenient, no frills, but they perform all their functions good and solid. I like that they’re standalone, inexpensive and versatile. In the Pipl Systems store we have got a lot of door stations like today’s sample, monitors, IP cameras, alarm systems, and many other devices and brands 🙂

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