IMOU New Bullet 1080p G26EP Wi-fi Outdoor Camera Review – All You Need to Know Before Buy in 4 Min.

IMOU New Bullet 1080p G26EP Wi-fi Outdoor Camera Review – All You Need to Know Before Buy in 4 Min.

You’re on the Pipl Systems Store, my name’s Daniel and now we’ll guide you through review of the IMOU New Bullet Outdoor camera.


Main points to know about an IMOU New Bullet camera: you get 2 mp. 1080p, which is bit outdated, but looking good with this camera at this cost. Judge by yourself:

Colors look good and scene’s lighting is OK too, nothing spectacular so far, except a 30 FPS recording, making it look really smooth, and a pretty wide field of view in 135 degrees, owing to the 2.8 mm. focal length – and that is enough to cover your entrance area, but a scene detailing would not be great at bigger distance with 2mp.

Next to camera lens we’ve got a true PIR sensor, able to spot heat emitting from a human body and animals, meaning to you a much more accurate intruder detection. Also on the front panel we’ve got a spotlight. Would not say it’s powerful considering its size, but to be consistent, here’s a night view demonstration

Promoted to light up a 30 m. distance in front of the camera – you can also see I switch on and off a spotlight. So, from my perspective it looks OK, it does what it supposed to do, does it normally, and I’m happy with it, hope you too

This little hole on top of the spotlight is a microphone, in pair with the speaker on the rear creating 2-way audio for us, plus, the speaker is quite loud, and in pair with a spotlight we’ve got here a kind of an active deterrence used to scare out the intruders and inform everyone around that something went wrong. But what really makes this camera an outdoor camera is the body, built to match an IP67 protection rate, making it stand against dust, moisture, snow, rains and etc, you are fully protected, and you can also see it under the lid:

You can see it is sealed with a rubber, covering microSD input and the reset button. Plus what else I like about the construction is a dual antenna setup to make a wi-fi connection more stable, because commonly – this is what all outdoor wi-fi cameras are really bad at – the wi-fi connection stability. And when I tested it farther from a Wi-fi router it performed OK, but to get it better consider reducing a stream quality or a distance to the router + network load by other devices. Now to end this – to solve the storing matter you get a 128 Gigs microSD capacity support, and in combine with an H.256 video compression technology here in IMOU New Bullet – you get a video file reduced twice in compare to older H.264 without a video quality loss.

Activation & Work Demo

What’s left is to connect the camera to the outlet with a power supply from the box, insert the cable end to the camera and install the free IMOU app onto your phone. Wait till the LED on cam lights with green and then scan a camera’s QR-code with the app. Wait till it connects to your wi-fi and it is added to your account and now you can remotely view it anytime from your phone.

Watch Full Video Review & Demo on YouTube:

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