1 Article – 20 Ajax Systems Alarm Sensors: Full Fast Review, Which One Is Yours?

This article is a quick reference for everyone who considers getting an Ajax Systems’ sensors, and a title reflects content with a 100% accuracy – 20 Ajax Systems’ Sensors in 1 article with a tips, tricks, descriptions, advises for every single 1 of them, and altogether about Ajax Systems sensors, what are they intended for, […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax Transmitter / Integrate 3rd-party Sensors To Your Ajax Alarm System

Ajax Transmitter is quite a simple device, basically it’s intend is to convert a signal from a wired 3rd-party sensors into a radio-waves under Ajax Jeweler radio-transmission technology so you can access that data from an Ajax App on your phone. Wired signal becomes wireless owing to Ajax Transmitter and this is how we implement […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax Relay & Ajax WallSwitch Review

Ajax Relay and Ajax Wall Switch: what’s the difference? We’re going to review these, disclose what are they intended for and give you the most frequently repetitive use scenarios. Anyways, all that listed answer a questions: What are the Ajax Relay and WallSwitch? and How do I use it? So after you will learn that […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax StreetSiren & Ajax HomeSiren

Well you know what a home siren is. A device that produces some very loud noises to notify everone that something went wrong, either it’s an intruder, fire alarm, water leak an et cetera. This time we are reviewing Ajax StreetSiren and Ajax HomeSiren. And of course, judging by the name, you got indoor and […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax GlassProtect + Real-Time Test [10/15]

We got in our studio the Ajax GlassProtect sensor from the Ajax “Detector” category, based on a specific sound recognition algorythm. We’re going to tell you what is it, reveal a features, tell you how is it installed and test it real-time. Order this GlassProtect or any of all twenty five Ajax Devices on the […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax Rex Signal Range Extender [9/15]

The device that looks identical to Ajax Hub, and I guess Ajax just took the Hub body, got out some “brains” and here you go, Ajax Rex. Seriously, you have probably seen a signal area extenders before, but it all concerned an internet signal, and here it’s about extending the area of radio communication, under […]

How To Connect Dahua, Hikvision, Uniview IP Cameras To Ajax Systems Easy & Fast

Today we’ll uncover a topic: “How to connect & tie up any Hikvision, Dahua or Uniview camera to the Ajax Systems App and your Ajax Account fast and simple”. By the way, Ajax System’s sensors, Dahua, Hikvision and Uniview Cameras are available on the Pipl Systems Store 🙂 Why Do You Need This Article? In […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Wireless Sensor

This Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor is 2x times bigger than a regular  sensor, you can see a video-review on it here. And that’s a sole Ajax device for outdoor application. It is not produced inside of any Ajax Kit and thus we conclude it’s something from other league. The Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor is right here in […]

AJAX Alarm System Reviews: Ajax DoorProtect & DoorProtect Plus [3/15]

Recently we have decided to film a series of videos and write a series of articles, dedicated specifically to the Ajax Systems. The goal is to write about and to film every single device out of all 25 approximately, that Ajax Systems has at the moment. And thus, we continue with the Ajax DoorProtect and […]

AJAX Alarm System Reviews Series: Hub v2.0 2019 [2/15]

It’s been three years since Ajax Systems released a Hub in 2016. After that we’ve also seen the enhanced Ajax Hub Plus version coming out, which main features were a Wi-fi support, system’s scale increase, and a second backup sim-card slot. Here you can see a video or read an article, dedicated to the Hub […]