1 Article – 20 Ajax Systems Alarm Sensors: Full Fast Review, Which One Is Yours?

This article is a quick reference for everyone who considers getting an Ajax Systems’ sensors, and a title reflects content with a 100% accuracy – 20 Ajax Systems’ Sensors in 1 article with a tips, tricks, descriptions, advises for every single 1 of them, and altogether about Ajax Systems sensors, what are they intended for, […]

AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax StreetSiren & Ajax HomeSiren

Well you know what a home siren is. A device that produces some very loud noises to notify everone that something went wrong, either it’s an intruder, fire alarm, water leak an et cetera. This time we are reviewing Ajax StreetSiren and Ajax HomeSiren. And of course, judging by the name, you got indoor and […]