Hikvision Intercom Monitors Generation 2 Review

Hikvision Video Intercom Station, or the intercom monitor to simplify. Awarded by Red Dot for the unique design Intercom is now in our store. In our modest opinion, the security devices we have on the market, regardless of they are consumer or business-focused, can be and should be good-looking. Not all of them are, and […]

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Security Camera Cloud Storage Subscription Fee!

Probably every security camera owner faced this struggle. The Cloud Storage Subscription Fee. You know how this happens: you bought a camera, installed it, turned it on, the recording started and your captions are getting saved on the manufacturer’s cloud storage within a trial period. After the trial period is over, it turns out you […]

Top 7 Home Security Lifehacks 2019: Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Summer Time! I mean, the middle of season. If you are just planning your rest now as I do, we have a topic for you to consider in a spare time. Today we’re going to share with you some of our own tips, tricks and lifehacks on a particular topic of “How To Protect Your […]