The best outdoor security cameras in the North American market

According to the latest data, most market analysts predict that purchases of CCTV cameras for residential security will grow by more than 3 times over the next 10 years. Also, North America and European countries are expected to take the lead in the security camera market in 2022. Demand for CCTV cameras increases theft and robbery. Most of the popular outdoor surveillance cameras, which is not surprising, because they are the first to meet a potential intruder and can quite effectively notify you of an unwanted guest.

But which cameras should you trust with your security and what criteria will be important when choosing an outdoor video camera to protect your home or your business? We will consider the 5 best cameras here, we will also compare their features, which will influence the further choice.

Surveillance cameras can have advanced features, smart home compatibility and ease of installation – Nest Cam (battery) in this case is ideal. If you’ve recently remodeled your home or don’t want to bother installing a wired camera, then we recommend the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight fully wireless camera with 2K resolution and 160-degree field of view. Of the budget wired camcorders, but with less functionality, we can distinguish Wyze Cam v3 with high-quality night vision, storage options and 1080p resolution.

Blink Outdoor is also a budget but already wireless camera with a reliable battery for long use and an IP65 weatherproof rating. Well, if saving is not in your interests and you want to get yourself a universal assistant for external home security, then Ring Spotlight Cam will suit you perfectly. This camera combines a spotlight, a siren, 3 types of power supply including a solar battery, and can be integrated into the Ring Alarm system.

Nest Cam (battery) with smart home support and easy installation

One of the advantages of this high-tech video camera is its intelligent detection to recognize a person, vehicle or animal. With a streamlined design, the camera blends seamlessly into almost any installation location, while the magnetic base makes it easy to install. It has a fairly wide viewing angle of 130 degrees, perfectly tolerates atmospheric influences, two-way communication using a microphone and speaker creates a clear transmission of voice and sound. Also, the camera provides a high-quality image in 1080p resolution throughout the day.

Nest Cam (battery) can record video for free for 3 hours, and for longer storage, you need a subscription to the Nest Aware cloud service starting at $6 per month. The obvious disadvantage of the camcorder is that the manufacturer does not have a replaceable battery for longer operation.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight wireless camera with the best video and spotlight

The strength of the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight camcorder is the best image for its price and a range of smart alerts for various events. The device also works with Google Assistant Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa. To record video and detect features by type (person, vehicle, animal), you will need an inexpensive subscription to the Arlo Secure service from $ 3 per month. Excellent 2K HDR video image, 160-degree diagonal field of view and color night vision provide the camera with detailed scene tracking day and night.

The disadvantage is the relatively frequent battery charging about once a month, as well as the purchase of additional equipment for continuous recording storage 24/7.

Wyze Cam v3 best budget wired camera

Small size 1080p camera with local storage of motion detection recordings. The camera’s viewing angle is 110 degrees, supports night vision and two-way communication. Easy installation, weather resistance, but most importantly, with all its features, a fairly low price. It is possible to connect the camcorder to the Cam Plus cloud service for $2/month or $12/year. The downside of this camera is the infrequent erroneous recognition by the type of object, the case is not strong enough and you will have to buy a power cable.

Blink Outdoor Best Budget Wireless Camera

The Blink Outdoor Camera, like the Wyze Cam v3, is a very compact device with a smart set of features. But the first thing you need to know about this camera is that it is equipped with a battery that does not need to be charged for as long as 2 years. The camcorder also has an infrared night vision sensor, dust and moisture protection class IP65. In addition to the ability to connect locally to the 256 GB Blink Sync 2 module, you can connect an affordable cloud service from $3/month. The weak point is the short camera duration.

Ring Spotlight Cam super functional camera

The camera is compatible and works great with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant. Also, home automation occurs when Ring Alarm support. A powerful spotlight and a loud siren will help to scare off intruders, and among the provided possible power sources: a solar panel, a battery or a wired connection, you can choose more convenient locations for installation. Also, intelligent camera functions allow you to set user movement zones so that the operation of the device continues without your intervention. To the advantages of the camera, you should add instant motion recording, notification to your smartphone and turning on the siren using a mobile application. The disadvantages of the device are the rapid discharge of the battery and the high price.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the choice of cameras for outdoor surveillance should correspond to the performance of the necessary tasks and the conditions for their placement, have a weather-resistant case, and simple control of complex functions. Based on your preferences and a balanced price in relation to the capabilities of video cameras, you can choose the most suitable device for your home security.

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