The Role of the AJAX Alarm System in Preventing Home Break-Ins

When it comes to home security, preventing break-ins is the top priority for many homeowners. An alarm system is a crucial component in this effort, and the AJAX Alarm System is a leading option that offers a range of features and benefits to ensure maximum protection for your home.

In this article, we will explore the role of the AJAX Alarm System in preventing home break-ins and the advantages it provides for homeowners. We will also share three real-life cases in which the AJAX Alarm System helped clients prevent break-ins and protect their homes and families.

Advantages of the AJAX Alarm System

The AJAX Alarm System is a wireless security system that provides 24/7 monitoring of your home. It features a range of sensors and detectors that detect intrusions and trigger an alarm to alert you and your monitoring company of a potential break-in.

One of the main advantages of the AJAX Alarm System is its wireless design, which eliminates the need for cables and allows for easy installation and flexibility. The system includes a range of devices, such as control panels, motion detectors, door and window sensors, and sirens, that can be easily installed and connected without the need for complex wiring.

The AJAX Alarm System also includes advanced features such as motion detectors that can distinguish between human movement and pet movement, and can be customized to ignore certain areas of your home or property.

Another important advantage of the AJAX Alarm System is its compatibility with a range of other security devices, such as video surveillance cameras and smart locks. This allows for a comprehensive security solution that can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Real-Life Cases of AJAX Alarm System Use

Case 1: A break-in attempt foiled

One homeowner in a rural area experienced a break-in attempt at their home. They had installed the AJAX Alarm System as a precaution, and it proved to be an invaluable asset in preventing the break-in. The system alerted them and the monitoring company immediately, and the police were dispatched to the scene. The intruders were caught and arrested, and the homeowner’s property was saved.

Case 2: Averted disaster during vacation

Another homeowner was on vacation when the AJAX Alarm System alerted them to a potential break-in. They were able to remotely view the video surveillance cameras and saw that a group of intruders were attempting to break in through a window. The police were notified, and they were able to apprehend the intruders before any damage was done.

Case 3: Protecting business property

One business owner had installed the AJAX Alarm System in their commercial property. They received an alert from the system during the night, and upon arriving at the property, they discovered that there had been an attempted break-in. The system had successfully deterred the intruders, and the business owner was able to secure their property and prevent any loss or damage.

Professional Installation and Self-Installation Options

At Pipl Systems, we offer a range of options for installing the AJAX Alarm System in your home or business. We sell alarm kits for self-installation, which can be easily set up by homeowners with some basic knowledge of home security systems.


We also offer professional installation services, which provide an additional level of expertise and ensure that your system is set up correctly and optimized for your specific needs. Our team of professionals can install video surveillance and intruder alarm systems anywhere in Canada and the USA, and we guarantee timely and reliable service.


The AJAX Alarm System is an essential tool for preventing home break-ins and ensuring the safety and security of your family and property. Its wireless design, advanced features, and compatibility with other security devices make it a top choice for homeowners and business owners looking for a comprehensive security solution.

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