Tiandy CCTV Camera System Review: NVR + Turret and Bullet Cameras – Cheap But Good

Initially we always doubt brands we never worked with before, and Tiandy is one many though 🙂

It isn’t hard to produce cameras nowadays as we see it, find a factory in China that has ever produced cams and pay them to repeat it, OK. An obstacleis a software, client service and modern technologies implementation. And this is where I was pleasantly surprised. Tiandy video surveillance kit, consisting of an NVR, bullet and dome type security cameras is our main dish today. My name’s Daniel, Pipl Systems Store.

Those things that caught my attention are: 10-channel network recorder that I find a bit unusual cause, you know, 10 instead of 8. And the same regarding all other video recorders from Tiandy. 5 instead of 1, 20 insted of 16, and you got the idea, a geometric sequence. One more, two more, 4x more channels. Other thing is that we’ve got a PoE power and internet supply support over 1 twisted pair cable, which is absolutely uncommon for lite and budget stuff, and I love this technology, even though it’s elementary, so that’s good. Regarding everything else – that’s your basic video surveillance system. Now the appliance itself.

Tiandy Network Video Recorder

Inside NVR’s box, except the video recorder, we’ve got user manual, warranty card, 2x 40-12V power brick and power cable, screws for fastening hard drive into the recorder, and the mouse. NVR made entirely from a thin aluminum. Due to the ring with branding on front side you would never mistake it with any other brand. Power, hard drive and network status indication on NVR. On the rear part – audio out, reset button hidden deeper behind this hole, VGA input for monitor, HDMI, two USB ports, RJ forty five jack for network cable and 12 volt DC power in.

Tiandy’ Cameras

Cameras’ boxes fit inside of them warranty cards, mounting stickers, packs with screws and anchors, and the RJ-45 waterproof caps, the contents is identical for both boxex, and now the cameras. Plastic body is the 1st thing that catches my eye telling us the appliance we review comes from a budget model line, so the trick with plastic outdoor security devices is to install them high enough so that a person could not reach it. Though. plastic used as a main material doesn’t mean you will have weather-related problems, as the body is actually a solid piece of plastic with no cutouts and open joints, confirmed to be IP67 rate, protected fully against intrusion and is dust-tight and water resistant to high pressure jets and will stand full immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depths up to 1 meter. The Tiandy dome camera though is rated as IP66 as dust-tight and protected against high pressure water jets with no immersion. What’s interesting is that how they made it even more cheaper. This top half part is metal, but the bottom part of ball is plastic with an incision between them. For bullet we have a ball-type adjustable joint that we can loose a bit and fix the required incline angle. From the basement comes a classic for network cameras RJ-45 twisted pair cable port and 12V power input. All that we’ve got on the front panel is a 2.8 mm. 1080p camera lens, able to record at 30FPS, and here’s a footage taken on it so you can see the image quality with your own eyes

On a front we also have cutout with infrared LED’s behind the glass for night vision, which operational night view range, surprisingly, is 50 meters away from the camera. Dome turret-type camera has the same tail, body is made from 2 parts – the bracket and ball camera, mostly plastic with a bit of metal. 4 mm. 1080P Camera lens, able to record in thirty 30FPS here’s a footage taken on it as well

And that around lens there’s infrared edging with night view range parameter in 30 meters and a flashlight above it.

Features: Video Recorder

The set of features for me starts from H.265+ compression rate support, that cuts a video file size in about 2x times lesser in compare to 264th codec. Our video recorder is 10-channel, on every single one supports cameras with up to 5 mp. resolution, sustains all modern video encoding formats, is able to be paired up with 3rd-party cameras due to the ONFIV support and certification. Live view, storing, playback – this is a recorder. 1 SATA interface inside to connect here up to 10 terabytes hard drive storage, which is really nice, because budget recorders are commonly support twice less, around 5 terabytes always, no more, that’s a big plus. And due to Web6 technology implemented, Tiandy got rid of issues with a recorder setup on a web interface in internet browser, made it completely 3rd-party browser plugins free, and thus you can finally disable your internet explorer, usually used for web interface setup, as manufacturers don’t really do this. Thanks, Tiandy.

Features: Cameras


Cameras are alright, as mentioned earlier – PoE for both of them, IP67 rate for bullet, IP66 for dome. Both are 2-mp 1080p that record in 30 FPS, but the bullet is 2.8 mm. focal length, dome is 4mm., so consequently, 82.1 degrees FOV with bullet and 97.4 for Dome. Infrared night view distance in 50 m. for bullet, and 30m. for dome.. 11 languages supported, all modern formats, encodings and protocols are good too, so you won’t have any trouble with making it communicate with any other appliance.

The Service

Where all low-budget stuff suck is a service. A web-interface, integrations, software features and modern protocols support. And surprisingly, Tiandy made it pretty well. Now what’s awesome is that after you plugged a network and power into recorder – you just go to IP-address, specified on recorder’s box – and boom, no software downloads, no need to use Internet Explorer or download any plugins: you’re on the recorder’s web interface out from the box. And from here you activate it: user name, password, email for a password recovery and et cetera.


There are things that I mark as moderate, ordinary, regular, average, and these words are applicable to Tiandy. But out of that ordinary and average – they offer it in a really good shape with some details that are more common among higher-level equipment. For a cameras under 50 dollars – it’s good. So if I would go for something this cheap and alike low-budget entry level system – for now I would pretty much take Tiandy, which is available on the Pipl Systems Store within a discount now. And we also have other cameras, recorders, Intercoms, Alarm Systems and many else.

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