30$ Outdoor Wifi PTZ Cam Review – Why Would You Overpay for Brand Name? ANBIUX For All!

30$ Outdoor PTZ Cam – Why Would You Overpay
for the Brand Name? ANBIUX For All!

At first I was 100% certain this is a complete Chinese junk, but I’m new to the topic and my curiosity prevailed my skepticism. I ordered it and it turned out that there’s a few really interesting things happen here with this one.

Substantially, ANBIUX C-PO5 (En) is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom mini speed dome camera. Well, that’s what they say in the product card. First of all, PTZ is a bit too loud word for this product to call. Maximum PT Pan-Tilt, but where have you seen normal digital zoom at 1080p? This term applies to cameras with optical zoom, where the lens is physically moving out of the housing to zoom in with only a slight loss of quality.

ANBIUX C-PO5, according to the manufacturer’s description, features robotic body, able to pan and tilt in order to switch to the point of interest. 110 degrees vertically and 320 horizontally. In reality, well, if 360 degrees is a whole circle, here we have a quarter of it vertically, or rather 110 degrees, or rather 90, because it cannot be counted as an additional 20 degrees. Aright, horizontally we have 320, and this time it’s kind of fair, I’ve even point it out with a marker.

And it seems to be true. Next – IP66 ingress protection level – seriously? Feels exactly like a cheap Chinese trash with a complete absence of the proper sealing. Let’s continue – we have a tail here with 12V power, RJ -45 for twisted pair, there’s also Wi-Fi support on board, which is nice, it’s due to 2x antennas here, and the 3rd tail is… the reset button??? Well, maybe the exact camera won’t let us down.

Camera Module & Body Features

The camera module here is 3.6 millimeter of focal length, providing a field of view in somewhere around 95 degrees. 2MP. 1080P. The quality is crap, and I’m not talking about the live stream, which is awful, but about the original recording onto the microSD card. So here’s a video for demonstration in the original quality:

Maybe the camera module itself is not that bad, but the video compression here is just phenomenal, so the result is, well… Plus we have a microphone and the speaker here for 2-way audio feature. By the way, it ain’t bad here with the speakers. When you press microphone button in the phone app the sound not that bad at all, at least it is legible and loud enough for its size.


Moving on – advertised 40 meters of night view distance, due to the advanced illumination. 3 IR LEDs and 4 conventional. This is a separate infrared sensor here, and this is sort of like a passive infrared, but no. In fact, the manufacturer was so lazy that he didn’t even bother himself to take some normal images from any photo stock to demonstrate night vision. They have simply discolored this day photo:

That is, you can see, the shadows above and below are the same. The light source, the sun is in the same right corner where it was, so there it remained. No any noise in night vision, no shadows from artificial light sources. And here’s actually the night video for comparison for you to see with your own eyes:

Activation / Set-up

Concerning use experience – the phone and even the web interface for PC, that works good, and a more or less fair phone app. YCC365+. Just like Microsoft’s office 365. We’re activating and adding the device using the classic QR code, everything is fine here. inside we’ve got live streaming with not great latency, not great at all, considering it’s on the wire…

What can I say – we could have classify the device as the useless Chinese trash, but no – I can’t say that. You know, the service is not bad at all. The advertised functions are working, but not flawless… far from flawless, of course, but for the level of a 30$ camera from Aliexpress, from where we ordered it. However, if it was a 100$ camera from Ali, I think it could have been way better.

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