AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax StarterKit Plus & StarterKit Regular Comparison

We’ve reviewed each of these Ajax sensors separately and now we’ll review it as a part of a kit and tie them all up within themselves. Ajax StarterKit Plus, – here you going to learn the differences regarding StarterKit Regular, know every sensor’s intend, find some installing and using tips, and of course, the activation, connection and practical test. Ajax StarterKit Regular & StarterKit Plus are available on the Pipl Systems Store Website 🙂

In fact, there’s only two sensors – DoorProtect Plus and MotionProtect Plus, the set of devices fitted in a StarterKit is fairly essential, except, besides them I’d advise you to get FireProtect and LeaksProtect in a first place, thus you’ll be protected against intruders and in-house threats. Now the boxes, each of four we have fits in it the exact sensor, LAN and power cables for the Ajax Hub Plus, main sensor and two magnetic contacts for DoorProtect Plus, and nothing additional for SpaceControl and MotionProtect Plus. Now let us focus on the sensors.

We have brought the Regular Ajax StarterKit. And there’s really no differences in the looks of a devices at all, the differences are inside. In one word – StarterKit Plus is a bigger scale system, intended for larger premises and a corporate format. So what do we know about Ajax Hub Plus in compare to Ajax Hub Regular?

Ajax Hub & Hub Plus

Ajax Hubs Differences
Charachteristic Hub Hub Plus
Max. Devices 100 150
Max. Cameras / DVR’s 10 50
Max. Users 50 100
Max. Rooms 50 50
Max. Groups 9 25
Communication Channels Wired RJ-45 LAN Wired RJ-45 LAN
Wi-fi 2.4 GHz
Backup Communication Channels 1x 2G Sim-card 2x 3G Sim-card
Communication range up to 2 000m. up to 2 000m.
Built-in Backup Battery up to 15 hrs. up to 16 hrs.
Polling Period 12 – 300 s 12 – 300 s
Power Supply 110−240 V 110−240 V
Alarm Signal Delivery Time 0.15 s 0.15 s

Briefly, Ajax Hub is a system’s brain. It’s the thing, that every 12 seconds makes sure all the sensors are operating real-time with no issues. And it’s a bridge between a sensors and you, because when a sensor spots a threat, it transmits the data to the Hub via the radio waves under the Ajax-unique Jeweller radiotechnology, after what the Hub conducts an analysis of that data and sends it to you in form of an alert to your phone.

The first thing you can notice – the Regular Hub’s box is white, but the Plus version is black, regardless of device body color. The main difference I can highlight about Hub Plus is a 3G-sustaining two backup sim-card slots, located under the back cover, while a Hub Regular has 1x 2G-able sim-slot only. Next to them the power supply input is located along with the RJ-45 LAN-cable input. Regarding a real distinctions, I’d like to pick out an increased system’s scale.

Company scale, building scale, the system scale, and I mean a number of people in interaction with system and a connected devices amount. It’s 50 users support for a Regular Hub and a 100users support for a Hub Plus. A connected devices amount rate is a 100 for a regular Hub, and a 150 for a Plus version. In addition, a Plus version offers a Wi-fi connection support, so you don’t have to stretch the cable, but you can just enable a wi-fi. The installing tip I got for this one – it just shouldn’t be in a view sight, place it behind a furniture, just don’t let it be in a view sight.

Ajax MotionProtect & MotionProtect Plus

Ajax MotionProtect Differences
Active Element PIR sensor PIR sensor
microwave sensor
Alarm signal delivery time 0.15 s 0.15 s
Motion detection distance Up to 12 m Up to 12 m
Battery life up to 7 years up to 5 years
Communication range 1,700 m 1,200 m
Polling Period 12 – 300 s 12 – 300 s
Pet Immunity Up to 20 kg and 50 cm
Up to 20 kg and 50 cm

Next in line is a MotionProtect Plus Device, the detector #1 in a system, based on an infrared sensor, located right behind a piece of plastic on front panel. A passive infrared sensor working principle lies in detecting an infrared light or a heat emmiting from objects in its field of view, and as we all are warm-bloded – we are emmiting heat with our bodies, and the infrared sensor created the way to spot and register that heat in it’s sight, which is a 12 meters distance both for the Ajax MotionProtect Plus and regular versions.

Also, the MotionProtect created that way to ignore pets under a weight of 20 kilograms or 44 pounds, thus it is immune to pets detection and you don’t have to worry about false alarms caused by pets. So, within those 12 meters, in an armed position, the sensor spots all the movements in sight. Unlike MotionProtect Regular, Plus Version has an additional microwave sensor, which makes it suitable for the rooms with air conditioners, fireplaces and where is a probability of a light flickering, glare and similar.

Although, this function in stock reduces the sensor’s battery life from up to 7 years for a regular version to up to 5 years for a Plus. Also, we got a reduced operating range in open area from 1 700 meters for a regular MotionProtect to a 1 200 for a plus. Anyways, 5 five years is still a great indicator of a battery life and twelve hundreeds is good too, besides, the sensors active area is 12 meters.

Ajax DoorProtect & DoorProtect Plus

Ajax DoorProtect Differences
Active Element Reed switch Reed switch
Alarm signal delivery time 0.15 s 0.15 s
Motion detection distance Up to 12 m Up to 12 m
Battery life up to 7 years up to 5 years
Communication range 1,200 m 1,200 m
Polling Period 12 – 300 s 12 – 300 s

DoorProtect Plus. Quite simple sensor, so as it’s working principle. But what’s not mentioned in the name – it’s also a window opening detector, used for doors and windows equally. In box we have an additional magnetic contact besides a main sensor, that perfectly fits for on-windows install. And a one more magnetic contact in a form of a main sensor. Even though it’s made in the same form as a main sensor – it’s a magnet too, intended for on-door install.

The working principle is based on a reed switch, which is able to detect when the contacts are closed or open due to a magnetic field principle. So what distincts a Plus version from a Regular – the accelerometer in stock, that makes a sensor be able to feel a tilt applied to it and also detect an impact applied to an adjoining door or a window. That is all functional distinctions they have, but how does the accelerometer affects our interaction and working with the device?

It opens the possibility to detect if the adjoining door or the window was harmed, and also it opens the possibility to arm the system with this sensor in a half-open position, like if your window is in the ventilation mode and the main sensor has a gap between a magnetic contact, you won’t get an alert that the sensor is open, because it is able to remember it’s position, and if something changes after that, I mean, if the window was harmed or tilted more than expected – you’ll get an instant intruder alert.

You hang it on a door or a window, arm the system, and if some intruder opens it, you’ll know that instantly, due to a reed switch working principle. The operational range of both sensors is 1 200 meters within 12 seconds ping frequency, and you can also pair it with a wired NC detector


Ajax SpaceControl KeyFob

Wireless KeyFob
4 buttons: Arm, Disarm, Night Mode, Panic
Indication LED-indicator
Battery Life Up to 5 years
Communication range Up to 1 300 m.
Alarm signal delivery time 0.15 s

Basically it’s a phone replacement with a physical buttons for the fans of the ones. Ajax SpaceControl Keyfob. Why does it exists as the interacting with system happens completely via the phone? Because during emergency cases, seconds determine the outcome. Get a phone out of pocket, unlock it, type the passcode, get into the app, unlock it with a passcode, go to arming screen, press the button.

Or just take this one and press physicall button with, you know, this button touch feeling and the LED-indicator feedback, located in the middle here among all buttons. Faster. And that is why convenient. Four buttons, where a full circle is arm the system, torned circle is disarm, opposite side “c” letter is a night mode and the exclamation point inside of circle is a panic button, often triggered to call a security company.

Connection Part

The connection part requires us to have an Ajax Free App installed on our phone. And of course we gotta create a user account in there.


To conclude, we got a lot of updates and a really important features in a StarterKit Plus. That includes wi-fi data transmission support, two backup 3g sim-card slots in stock, increased systems’s scale with the increased simultaniously connected devices and users amount for a Hub Plus, you have a microwave sensor in a MotionProtect Plus, got an accelerometer in stock of a DoorProtect Plus and thus it can detect an impact applied to an adjoining door or a window – here I mean that it isn’t just an internal memory size increase, or some very extra additions, but a really awesome features that open up a new possibilities. Get it on the Pipl Systems Store website 🙂

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