EZVIZ DB1 Brand New Wi-fi Video Doorbell Review + Ezviz App 5

We’ve shot a ton of videos and wrote a lot of articles dedicated to Ezviz in 2019, and those guys just keep and keep producing new stuff. We’re here with a brand-new Ezviz DB1 Wi-fi Video Doorbell and we’re going to review it, test in out practically, imagine some use scenarios, and also show you a video, shot on this device so you can estimate the quality with your own eyes. This time Ezviz presented something really different for them, but not different for the market though. You’ve seen this in Google with a Nest Doorbell, you’ve seen it in Amazon’s Ring Doorbell and many others. Now let’s answer the question – why should you select Ezviz instead of Google or Amazon? And after that, you can go on the Pipl Systems Store website and get any Ezviz device officialy within a best price and a worldwide for you 🙂

The Box, The Looks

Regarding the box contents, I’m really enjoying a variety of a device exterior options that Ezviz caringly fitted in the box, along with a mini screwdriver, allowing us to change device body parts whenever we want, and by the way, with Ezviz DB1 it happens with the ease of a push, cover is removed easily, we’re able to pick any one of Face Plates and then fix it with a screws from brick with other parts. Also, you’ll find a lot of usefull stuff in the box except the face plates, which is: 3 different incline angle mounting plates to best fit your occassion, plate foam, used as a mounting plate stabilizer, and a cardboard brick has inside a drill bit, wire harness, fuse wire, 2 u-shaped wires, 4 wire connectors, mounting screws, anchors, face plate screws, fixing screws and the exact doorbell screws.

Also, to mention, Ezviz expects you to have a mechanical digital chimes installed indoors already to make it the most convenient for you, so what you won’t find in the box is a device power supply unit, thus you need to purchase an additional 24 volts alternating current power supply brick, or use the chimes one. The exact device – good, really good. Big button with a quite perceptible chime logotype, nice looks, microphone below camera, and a solid infrared sensor, right below the camera lens, and there’s a speaker on a bottom side. After we remove a face plate, we’re able to install the microSD up to 128GB capacity on the side and overall we can easily unscrew the entire plate to reveal insides and change something if you want. But you don’t actually need it to start working with device.

Ezviz DB1: What Is It Capable Of?

As usual, on the device box side we can see all the specifications: this time we got 3 mp. 2048 by 1536 camera sensor that records in 60 Hihaherz in 30 frames per second and here’s a footage, taken on the exact DB1 doorbell camera and extracted via microSD card.

Ezviz DB1 Has an extreme field of view angle of 180° vertically and a 105° horizontally. And that’s Wow, the thing that you really expect from this type of device, that’s probably even more that the ability of our own eyes. Also what’s awesome is a both wi-fi standards support, because sometimes you find out that you got to buy a new router to connect to network along with a new cameras. The passive infrared sensor here, triggered by the external movements, launches a recording that captures every passerby even at night on a 5 meters / 16 feet view distance, which is reasonable, as the device is hanged next to a front door, so it doesn’t actually needs a bigger view distance. And of course, we got here a two-way talk feature, allowing us to speak to our visitors, and both hear them. The thing that I like regarding Ezviz – a big microSD capacity support, which is a 128GB in here, that is quite enough to store a whole month recordings. Optionally you can enable a Cloud Storage on an additional fee. The doorbell is weatherproof under IP-65 standard, that allows the device to stand against dust and a minor water drops. Also that is a first Ezviz device, where I see a DWDR marking, that does a general improving of an image lightening digitally.

Activation & Connection


When I’ve seen Ezviz DB1 in first time, I just unconsiously started to compare it to Google Nest Hello and Amazon Ring Doorbells, and I’ve started to count the advantages of Ezviz in my head… And you know what? I found some. Believe me I did, because I’ve tried to express that throughout this whole material. The new Ezviz DB1 Wi-fi doorball and a whole Ezviz 2019 model line is available officially on the Pipl Systems Store Website 🙂


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