AUTOMATION FOR EZVIZ C1C, C3WN, C6CN: Email Alerts, Google Assistant, Geolocation Tracking via IFTTT [PART 1]

Today’s really attractive topic is about the Internet of Things, smart home, algorithms and automation, but for your Ezviz home cameras: how to make it work for yourself Intro How it all works? To start off, Ezviz has some agreements with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, who allow a 3rd-party devices to integrate into their […]

EZVIZ CTQ1C Brand-new Home Wifi Camera Review & Test – What Is That? [C1HC]

Recently we have received an Ezviz CTQ1C home Wifi camera and there’s no difference at all in regard to an Eяviz C1C, except a square-form design against a round one in C1C. It is more compact, like 30% off a C1C. The only reason I could think of is a different versions for different markets, […]

EZVIZ DB1 Brand New Wi-fi Video Doorbell Review + Ezviz App

We’ve shot a ton of videos and wrote a lot of articles dedicated to Ezviz in 2019, and those guys just keep and keep producing new stuff. We’re here with a brand-new Ezviz DB1 Wi-fi Video Doorbell and we’re going to review it, test in out practically, imagine some use scenarios, and also show you […]

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Security Camera Cloud Storage Subscription Fee!

Probably every security camera owner faced this struggle. The Cloud Storage Subscription Fee. You know how this happens: you bought a camera, installed it, turned it on, the recording started and your captions are getting saved on the manufacturer’s cloud storage within a trial period. After the trial period is over, it turns out you […]