20 000 mah. Portable Charger & Wifi Security Camera – How Long Will It Last? Surprisingly…

20 000 mah. Portable Charger & Wifi Security Camera –
How Long Will It Last? Testing With IMOU Cams!

The Xiaomi 20 000 mAh Power Bank and the IMOU Cue 2 Home Wifi Camera. The question is quite simple yet interesting. As the backup power source, if the power went out, for an instance, but you still need the video surveillance – how long will such a camera last on such a battery? And now we’ll find this out.

Let’s Count and then Test

We begin from calculations. The power brick that comes within the box with camera is 5V 1 Amp., yet the camera itself requires even less power. As specified in the device specs list, it consumes no more then 3.1 Watt, and the Power Bank we’ve got is 20 000 mAh., which is 20 Amp..

And now we need to convert Watts into Amperes, here’s the formula:

We divide Watts by the Volts, 3.5 Watt 5V, and we get 0.62 Amp., which is 620 miliAmp. Then we divide the capacity of our battery in 20 000 miliamp by 620 and we get 32.25 of an hour.

Yet, we have 2 unpredictable factors in our way – the real power consumption and the batter wear. In the specs sheet we’ve got 3.1Watt. maximum, but that’s an interval. In the reality it can be lesser, and most likely will be. That also depends on how far the camera’s away from the signal source and what’s the scene intensity – the more or less it will consume. And the next is the real battery capacity. Yes we have 20 000 milliamps here, but lithium-ion batteries wear out and lose capacity over the time. Nevertheless, I think we can count on 24-hour shift with such a bundle.

Bottom Line / Results

So, IMOU Cue 2 in the continuous non-stop recording onto the MicroSD-card, with Wi-fi turned on so I could access it anytime, with IR night vision – definitely stand 21 hour recording shift with 20 000 mAh. battery, and would have most likely stand even more time. And concerning other popular cameras – Ezviz C1C will stand around 25 hous, following the same formula. Pan-tilt IMOU Ranger 2 will make 28 hours, and the Pan-tilt Ezviz C6CN will stand no more than 20 hours due to that the power consumption in it reaches 5 Watt, equal to 1 Amp., and we’ve got a total of 20 Amps. As a matter of fact – you cannot count on more than a 1 full day work and recording on such a backup power source with similar cameras, but yet, this is a confirmed and working way. And all mentioned today cameras, a power sources and storage for them are available in our Pipl Systems Store.

Watch Our Full Video Test on YouTube!

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