Making IP Network Door Phone / Doorbell Record Video To The NVR: Hikvision & Dahua Universal Guide

Making Network Door Phone Record Video onto the NVR: Hikvision & Dahua Guide

This is indeed one the most frequently asked questions in our Pipl Systems Store: “How do I make my Network Door Phone record video straight to the NVR?”. The answer is simple – make the video recorder see the door phone as a network camera., and that is easy to do. Today we’re performing it with Hikvision and Dahua Technology devices, and this is applicable to nearly all devices in this class. And then you can get all parts you need for your security system on the Pipl Systems Store, we begin.


For the demo we have selected:

  • Hikvision DS-7608NI-K1/8P(B) 8-channel 1U 8 PoE 4K Network Video Recorder
  • Hikvision DS-KV8113-WME1 Wifi Network Villa Door Station

And be aware that you need exactly the NVR of the 76XX or higher series. Either way it may just not work, not guaranteed, but it won’t be a problem with modern Video Recorders.
From Dahua’s side it is:

  • Dahua XVR5108HS-4KL-X 8-Channel Penta-brid 4K Mini 1U Digital Video Recorder
  • Dahua VTO3211D-P Network Villa Outdoor Station

Emphasizing that this is applicable to literally all modern Hikvision and Dahua network devices.

And we begin with Hikvision. Installing the WD Purple 1TB Hard Drive, plugging in 12V. power into the NVR, and supplying the network via UTP to both, plus powering door station due to PoE.

Making Door Phone record video to Hikvision NVR

As for the software part I am using Hikvision SADP and IVMS-4200 software to activate both devices. Then the actual video recording set up – from the moment when you’ve got devices up and running, and you made sure you get the video from the door station – we need the video recorder’s settings.

Input Video Recorder’s IP-address into browser’s search field and enter. Log into your account on the device’s web interface and switch to the configuration tab. Go to “System” → “Camera Management” → press “Add”. Now input the ip-address of your door phone in there, user name and password 2 times → OK. Now wait a bit till in changes to online status, and there we go – this one’s done.

Now go to “Storage Management” in “Storage” tab. And there you will see your HDD connected and running – format it. Now the schedule settings. As you can see – the continuous type of recording is turned on by default, though if it’s not for you, select your camera, recording type, and draw a line and copy it and paste onto all other lines. Now if you want it to record by detecting a motion – you first need to configure the door station, so go into its settings in the IVMS-4200 or to its web-interface. In there you need “Event” tab → Basic Event → and turn it on, save and it’s ready.

Back to video recorder: Event → basic event → check and save if turned off for you. Now the “Storage” → Schedule → select specifically “Event”. Now draw the lines, copy and paste them to all other fields or the way you want. Save and it’s done. Go to IVMS-4200, enter “Remote playback”, but before – go into device management and import the IP-camera 1, our door station. From that moment you can view in in there on the remote playback tab, straight from the NVR – the continuous recording with blue and the motion-activated with purple.

Making Door Phone record video to Dahua NVR

The same goes for Dahua appliance – nstalling the Hard Drive into the XVR video recorder, and then connection and device’ start up. Hard drive, 12V power there and there, and the network via UTP to both devices.

The software part with Dahua in a no-software part. We are using devices; Web Interface for activation, And then the actual video recording set up. After you’ve got your devices up and running, and made sure you get the video from the door station – you need the video recorder’s settings. Log into the account on the web interface and go to the management tab → camera → activate IP channels on the video recorder. Now the “channel type” item → check the box there → save → it’s going to reboot to apply settings.

Now go into “Management” → camera → registration → manual adding. Select the channel you want to put the door phone on → imput its IP-address, user name and the password → save. At first you’ll get a red indication there. Wait up to minute, refresh, you’ll get the green if done correct. Now you can view the door phone straight from the video recorder. Close it, go to live view, select the channel with door phone → the management → storage → HDD manager. There you will see your hard drive, and if you were using it earlier – don’t forget to format it.

Now the Schedule → select you channel. By default you will have continuous general type of recording there, meaning if you will to the playback and select your channel, you will see that it has already started recording automatically and you can access the video right there. But that’s not a finish, so let’s get back to storage → schedule → your channel → And let’s say you need it to record by the event of detecting a motion → tick the box opposite to that item → settings → select “MD” for all channels for the whole week and save. Now It will only record by detecting a motion. Now if you head back to the playback, you will see the yellow line, displaying the recording by the motion detection event.

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