AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax Socket / What’s Smart In Socket?

Ajax Smart Socket. What can you not know about sockets? This is something from a Smart Home and Automation sector. I would even say it’s a uninterruptible power supply, smart home and automation device, energy consumption saver, a remote switch and… let’s get to review. Ajax Socket is available on a Pipl Systems Website 🙂

Ajax Socket

What you gonna find within the box is simply the exact socket and a little users manual. And regarding the design, Ajax declares it is kids-friendly due to a shutters on a foreground, it’s not the exact current conductor inside, as we know the kids are attracted to things that glow. Because when we plug this one in – it glows

Why Do You Need It?

Let’s talk about a specs it has. Ajax Socket can turn on and off a devices with the ease of a button push in the app. And on their website they say it lets you remain on a couch. Conveniency. And also switching the system to a night mode turns the connected via the socket devices off too, meaning it has some scenarious integrated. And I always wanted to manage such scenarios on my own, and finally Ajax Systems announces it is going to happen within an upcoming updates.

Also, if we’re talking about Automation, when you leave your home and arm your system, every high energy consuming and dangerous appliances will be automatically switched off, which in result, decreases the energy bill in the end of a month. The LED-indication. The LED, surrounding internal border, shows the load level by means of color, here’s an approximate lightning scheme bellow, where the yellow is about five hundreds and fifty Watt, orange is twelve hundreds fifty Watt and the rest, meaning you can always see what’s overloading your energy source.

And it won’t let it go over plus eighty five celsius or hundred eighty five farhenheit, cause this is where it’s locked and the socket turns off automatically if the temperature is exceeded. Let’s sum up.

Load level Indication
No power on the Socket Don’t have any indication
Socket turned off Blue
Socket turned on, no load Green
~550 W Yellow
~1250 W Orange
~2000 W Red
~2500 W Dark red
~3000 W Purple
One or more defenses triggered Smoothly lights up and goes out red
Hardware failure Quick red flashes


Activation & Connection


The tiny device that lets you control your appliance’s energy consumption remotely, lets you switch on and off any connected via the the socket devices, displays which appliance overloads the power source and consumps too much energy. Automation, scenarios, increased life comfort. Get this one in a black or white body color officially on the Pipl Systems Store Website 🙂

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