AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax FireProtect Sensor [8/15]

Recently we were glancing through Ajax LeaksProtect, and now it’s time for the Ajax FireProtect and Fire Protect Plus sensors, cause they are pretty much similar devices. We’ll tell you what is this FireProtect, and test them out practially in this video. Ajax Systems’ devices are available on the Pipl Systems Store.

Box Contents / Appearance / Intend

Ajax box contents are plain as always: inside we have the exact sensor in a wrapping surrounded by a cardboard, and a quick start guide, along with some screws, hidden on a side. The FireProtect Sensor is capable of detecting a smoke and an abnormal temperature increase, which he takes in from air into a smoke chambers located on every side of the sensor behind an aluminum grids.

On the front panel you’ll find a hole with a speaker inside of it, which, of course, produces a loud noises whenever it spots a smoke. And the LED Ajax logotype on the fromt panel is also a sensor button, intended for arranging a live detector’s test.

If we’ll remove the cover on the back, we’ll find here an ON button, tamper button, and the QR-code, needed to activate the device. The Plus version is absolutely identical regarding the looks. Although, there is an additional function that makes the whole difference – carbon monoxide detection.

And we personally would rather get the Plus Version, because this is how people die in their sleep – there’s no smoke, but there’s a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas leak that just silently kills.



What’s unusual for the Ajax Systems’ device – the FireProtect sensor is independent from an Ajax Hub and can operate a 100% autonomously for as long as 4 years, due to a built-in battery. Besides that, we have common for Ajax Devices specifications: 1 300 operating range, 12-300 seconds pings frequency, tamper alarm and a smart bracket, which is basically just a cool name for some conveniently-made bracket.

This FireProtect Sensor is often installed on a wall upper, close to the ceilling in a smoke and a gas leaks potential spots, like kitchen.


Activation & Test

They say this FireProtect does not even requires an Ajax Hub to operate, and that means you are only getting an alerts in form of a loud siren noises coming from device, as the sensor is not connected to a Hub. To stop that noise – clear out the smoke in room or remove the cover on back and press-hold the off button.

Yet, If you got a Hub, you can activate sensor the same way as all the others, in an Ajax App, available for free on the App Store and Google Play. On the video we’re activatong the device and simulatong some hazardous conditions to trigger the sensor, in other words – testing it practically.


We think this is a first gadget everyone should get when equipping your housing. Because the invisible killer is the deadliest killer. You can spot a burglar with a MotionProtect Sensor, you can hear him with GlassProtect sensor, you can call a security company to come over and protect you – but none of listed options will protect you from a smoke or a gas leak, especially in your sleep – so consider getting this FireProtect device on the Pipl Systems Store website 🙂

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