Fresh EZVIZ C6CN Home Wifi Camera Review 2019 Model + Ezviz App

Today we got an Ezviz C6CN 2019 Home Wifi Camera for a review and we are going to reveal a box contents, compare it to the last year’s Ezviz EZ360 and we also have a video with its activation and recordings, captured on this Ezviz C6CN, so you can estimate the quality woth your own eyes. Ezviz C6CN 2019 and Ezviz EZ360 are available on the Pipl Systems Website.

Box Contents

Inside of the box you’ll find:

  • Ezviz C6CN Camera;
  • Quick Start Guide;
  • Micro-usb Power Cable;
  • 5V. Power Adapter;
  • Strong Plastic Plate for Mounting;
  • Pack of Screws;
  • Positioning Sticker

As always, Ezviz makes 2 versions: 720p and 1080p, and we got in our office the exact 1080p version. Commonly, we find a specifications list somewhere on ther box side. So yeah, there’s a Pan and Tilt functions with a numbers of 340° Pan and 120° Tilt, the exact lens field of view is 94°. The night vision of 10 meters or a 33 feet, smart motion tracking, a MicroSD support up to 128GB and two-way talk owing to a built-in speaker and a microphone, located on front and on the camera’ sides. Also there’s an LAN-cable input on the back. And by the way – the best place to install Ezviz C6CN is on a ceiling and fix it in there with a box screws, so the camera would use it’s smart tracking function properly while witnessing the entire room and having no obstacles.

C6CN Vs EZ360 / 2019 Vs 2017

Although, the distintinctions between С6CN 2019 and EZ360 2017 models are really slight, or the don’t even exist at all, let’s find compare. EZ360 has 1/2.7 progressive scan CMOS camera lens, while the С6CN has a 1/2.9 sensor, and that’s probably what makes this 4 additional degrees in a views angle for С6CN, which is 94° and 90° for EZ360.

And this is where the differences end. Here you can see how does that modification reflects in a video quality, because all of rest is a 100% identical, except the design, but to be fair, they have just removed upper circles on body, reduced them and moved the ones that left to the center. What you will also see in the video – the recordings we’ve shot on EZ360 2017 C6CN so you can estimate the quality with your own eyes.

Activation & Live Video Quality

Well, connection is our favorite segment for Ezviz reviews – highly simple. Get the free Ezviz app from App Store or Google Play, sign up and create a user, and then just scan the qr-code on cam from the app, and you are ready to go, that’s simple.


You might ask – which one do I better buy? – And we’ll tell that we don’t know. The thing is that you probably won’t have a choice, because we think, they are just going to replace this EZ360 2017 model with a kind of new Ezviz С6CN on a stores, and so the the question just fells off. Anywas, it’s better to pick the newest one due to a manufacturer support and a new parts used in assembling. Though we got both Ezviz С6CN and EZ360 available on the Pipl Systems Store for you 🙂

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