IMOU Cell Pro Wi-fi Camera Vs Ezviz C3A + Connection Via IMOU App & Ezviz App

This IMOU Cell PRO is a perfect solution for the ones who hate those cloud subscription fees that they rip off you – oh boy, so common for Google Nest, Amazon’s Ring, and actually every self-respecting CCTV manufacturer.

We have in our office an IMOU Cell Pro Wireless Home Wi-fi Camera, and, except the exact camera, we got in our studio an IMOU Solar Panel for the cam and a Base Station within the box, that is required for this cam to work. And actually, taking into account that this Base Station offers, it’s a good thing to have, because IMOU guys figured out how to re-invent a network recorder in a consumer segment. IMOU Series Devices are available on the Pipl Systems Website.

Inside Of The Box We Have:

  • IMOU Cell Pro Camera
  • Camera battery
  • MicroUSB Power cable
  • Camera bracket
  • Base Station
  • LAN-cable
  • Base Station Power Adapter
  • Mounting Screws
  • Positioning Sticker
  • Quick start guide

Though I don’t like the way how IMOU composed the box insides, it may be hard an highly unconvenient to reach some parts and overall I can feel a “cheapness”, which is quite an awful feeling, independent of the device you are holding. The camera: microphone located in this micro-hole on the front panel upper, below it a main cameral lens and the the infrared sensor next to it, below them we got an LED, reporting with the device status, and below the LED we got a photosensor.

On the downside there’s a speaker and a rubber clamp. In the back upper located slipping off cover that contains a deepening for a battery. Under it you’ll find a sync button, needed for the initial device start-up and a recess for a bracket. The Base Station, looking like a bag handle, is very light, it has an LED-indicator in the internal sides around and all over this cutout. A single, looking like an iPhone 4S, button with this brand square inside is the only button on the entire front.

Minimalism. And she is also surrounded by the LED. On the back you’ll find a speaker, RS dash four eighty five LAN-cable port, usb-input, reset button and power input.


IMOU Cell Pro Vs Ezviz C3A

Also we got a Hikvision’s Ezviz C3A 2019 Home Wi-fi wireless camera, Dahua’s IMOU main competitor, for a comparison. Here you can find a full video dedicated to Ezviz C3A review. But let us answer the question – what are the differences? What should you get – an Ezviz C3A or the IMOU Cell Pro? And so, they both are 2 MP, 1920x1080p FullHD recording resolution, so it’s not about a camera quality here. That’s why let us talk about the differences, although the FPS parameter for Cell Pro is 20, but Ezviz C3A supports 30 recording frames per second.

IMOU Cell Pro Offers a 110° view angle, while Ezviz C3A makes up a 126°. Although, Cell Pro superiors C3A in the video compression rate parameter, having H.265 codec implemented here, unlike Ezviz C3A’s H.264 smart codec. To us, to users, that means that our videos will be taking less storage space with no any loss of video quality. And by the way, we think the storaging is the most strong suit of an IMOU Cell Pro. The exact camera has no any micro SD card input on body, but we can connect an external hard drive to the Base Station, that supports the capacity up to 2TB! And your camera captures can be saved in there via Wi-Fi. Wow! However, Ezviz C3A got a 128 GB microSD support built-in camera, and that is a good number, although they don’t offer you 2TB, even in the form of external hard drive.

Though, Ezviz C3A is having even more than two times bigger battery size, which is 5 500 mAh, while the Cell Pro battery is only 2 300 mAh. Well that’s quite an advantage. And yet, one more thing where the Cell Pro beats an Ezviz C3A is a night vision distance, which is 10 meters, or 33 feet for Cell Pro, and 7.5 meters or 25 feet for C3A, not that much of difference. Regarding the rest functions – everything is identical: IP65 standard for both cameras, two-way talk option and infrared motion detection.



IMOU Cell Pro

Ezviz C3A

Recording Quality

2 MP, 1080p

2 MP, 1080p

Audio Communication

Two-way Audio

Two-way Audio

Recording Frame Rate

20 fps

25-30 fps

Motion Detection / Infrared

Built-in Infrared Sensor

Built-in Infrared Sensor

Power Type

100% Wireless

100% Wireless

View Angle



Night Vision View Distance

10 m. / 33 ft.

7.5 m. / 25 ft.

Protection Rate



Install Type

Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor

MicroSD Support / Capacity


Yes. up to 128GB

Battery Capacity

2300 Lithium Battery

5500 Lithium Battery

Bast Station / Support

Yes, requires Base Station to Operate

Yes, independent. Does not require Base Station

Video Encoding


Smart H.264

Cloud Storage



Wired / Wireless Connection

Yes, Both

Only Wireless

Additional Features

Supports External Hard Drives up to 2 terabytes capacity

Extra Accessories

Extra Accessories


The Connection

Both cameras are Wi-fi enabled and have a free software available on a shelfs of an App Store and Google Play, so the first thing you do – download the Ezviz or the IMOU app to your phone, O left some links for you below. The activation of Ezviz C3A happens completely via the app and the QR-code located on camera, but the IMOU Cell Pro requires us to connect LAN-cable to the base station and activate our camera through the base station.

Wouldn’t say this complicates the process a lot, as this type of connection has it’s advantages, including up to 2TB storage and a kind of network recorder where the camera’s managing process is way more comfortable. Of course, Ezviz offers a Base Station too, but Ezviz C3A is a completely independent camera.


Both cameras we got today are unique and offer different options. Hikvision and Dahua – China’s two biggest CCTV manufacturers-heavyweights. But as a matter of fact, when it comes to taking a decision – we decide by considering features that matter to ourselves only and exclusively.

We’ve been using both Ezviz and IMOU cameras in our everyday life and we can tell – they both are worthy. Decide by the features that matter to you only and specifically. Order up IMOU Cell Pro, Ezviz C3A or any IMOU or Ezviz Devices on the Pipl Systems Store 🙂

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