AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax LeaksProtect Sensor [7/15]

You’ve probably seen this little guy, haven’t you? Ajax guys are not throwing out the formula of stating the sensor’s intend in its name, and that’s good. Ajax LeaksProtect is obviously, judging by the name, will protect you against unexpected water leaks in a leaks-potential places.

And it’s brother Ajax FireProtect, of course, will protect you from a gas and smoke leaks, but we’ll tell you about it soon. Today is the day of Ajax LeaksProtect and we’ll tell what is it, also we got a video, where we are testing Ajax LeaksProtect practically splashing some H2O on it. On the Pipl Systems Website you can get any of all 25 Ajax Devices.

Simple & Effecient

We are not not going to stretch this whole thing out, the device is quite simple. You attach in to the floor in a water leaks-potential spots, like under a washing machine, dishwasher, bathtub, heating radiators and simiar things – well, in one word, where you interact with a water and you need absolutely noone’s help to install this LeaksProtect device.

And this is that thing that Ajax Systems makes an emphasize on, the easy installation (even too easy). Once a leak happened and a metal contacts on the sensor’s downside touched it – you’ll know that first in a form of notification on your phone within a 0.15 miliseconds. That’s a number to transmit a threat signal that Ajax confirms to have in all of their devices.

You can place this LeakProtect device as far as 1 300 meters away from a central hub – this is a number for a built-in Ajax Jeweller radiotechnology signal transmission distance. The built-in battery lifelong parameter here makes up a 5 years, making us forget about any leaks in a future 5 years

Connection + Water Test

The sensor is IP65-rated, meaning a dust and moisture protection, which is not surprising for the type of device. The activation scheme is as as imple as always – you download the free Ajax App, sign up, connect your Ajax Hub to a power source and the internet via the cables that you can find within the box, activate it in app, create a room, and then just add this device to your system from the main screen by pressing the “Add Device” button and scanning the QR-code located on the device downside. Then simply place it wherever your water comes from and you are ready to go.


1 – need noone else to install this, just take it out of the box and install wherever your water comes from.

2 – Regardless of how often you have a leaks in home – the device will stand all of them due to IP65 protection rate and a 5 years lifelong battery bult-in.

3 – you’ll know if there’s a leak occuring in 0.15 miliseconds. What else do you need? Go get one or any of all 25 Ajx Devices on the Pipl Systems Store website 🙂

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