AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor Wireless Sensor

This Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor is 2x times bigger than a regular sensor, you can see a video-review on it here. And that’s a sole Ajax device for outdoor application. It is not produced inside of any Ajax Kit and thus we conclude it’s something from other league.

The Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor is right here in our office and we’ll tell you what it is, what it does, show it’s working principle and also run a practical usage test along with the activation and tying it up with the Ajax Hub. Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor along with all other Ajax 25 devices is available Pipl Systems Website.

Specifications List

  • 2x Infrared Sensors
  • 3x Anti-masking Sensors
  • Detection Distance of 3-15 meters
  • IP54 Dust And Wated Resistant
  • Works In 100% Humidity Environment
  • Stands Temperatures From -25 to +55 C. And -13 F. to 140 F.
  • Up to 1 700 meters communication range
  • Immune to animals up to 80 cm. or 2.6 ft. high
  • Immune to sensor’s false triggerings
  • Protected Against Vandalism and Masking
    (external attempts to block the view of detector)
  • Thansmits Alarm in 0.15 Miliseconds To User
  • 3-step Threats Verification Algorythm

You are probably wondering why did they take their MotionProtect Sensor and duplicated one on top of another. Because this is how it looks. And that’s what it basically is. Two Infrared sensors in one device. A doubled price along with that. The first thing that Ajax MotionProtected Outdoor is aimed for – is to overcome the infrared sensor’s number one problem – the outdoor motion detector sensor’s accuracy, the false triggerings.

You know, trees and bushes’ leafes fluctuation, birds, pets and similar. There is also such problem ocuring as objects in sight are getting sun-irradiated and that causes infrared sensor to react on a irritant, because infrared sensor mechanism is based on catching heat-emmiting objects. And that is why we have two infrared sensors built-in – they are working simultaniously in a hundreed percents syncronisation with each other.

The recommended height of sensor’s install is about eight to one point three meters, which is approximately a stomach or a chest area of an average person, so the top infrared monitors a straight line direction and a bottom one is pointed to the area of a shin and feet.


As a result, the mechanism looks like this – the event of alarm happens only if both sensor’s beams are simultaniously crossed by a person, and of course, the detection range is customizable via the toggle under the device back cover. Now enough of theory – pure facts. 2x infrared sensors, 3x anti-masking sensors to recognize an external attempts to block the view of detector.

The Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor detection distance makes up a 3 to 15 meters and is fully adjustable with the toggle in frames of this range. The device id IP54-rated, meaning rain and dust-tightness. The operational humidity parameter reaches up a 100% due to a sensor type, and that’s what makes a difference – this guy operates with an incredible accuracy even in a high-humidity environments and withstands temperatures from -25 ºС or -13 ºF. to +60 ºС or a 140 ºF., thus it is suitable for either low and both high-temperatures regions. The range of signal transmission reaches up to 1 700 meters in open area, owing to Ajax Jeweller radiotechnology, and can be extended with the Ajax Rax extender device.

The device’ detection feature is immune to animals up to eighty 80 cm. or 2.6 foot high. The sensor is protected againt harmful actions like masking and everything vandalism-related and also guarantees an ingress protection. As all of the rest Ajax Sensors – the pings frequency parameter makes up a 12 to 300 seconds. Regarding the alarms signals transmission – that happens in 0.15 miliseconds.

Of course in stock there’s also a tampering alarm and an Ajax-common smart bracket. The built-in battery rate here is equal to 5 years. If we are talking specifically about how does the device protect you and your property – then we talk about a 3-step algorythm.

Working Algorythm

At first, it checks whether both infrared sensors are witnessing the movement, and if that’s happening simultaniously, we got a first emergency sign, next – data is getting analyzed by SmartDetect algorythm, made with the allowance of outdoor interferences – here those waveforms are getting compared and matched to each other. That’s a 2nd sign. 3rd – LISA.

Live Intelligent Spectrum Analysis that initiates a comparison of signals’ frequency components. As an output – the third and a final sign. And all that happens in miliseconds before delivering user a notification.

Activation / Practical Usage Test



Counting and summing up all the device charachteristics – the conclusion suggests itself. Ajax have done and amazing job implementing 2 infrared detectors, 3 anti-masking sensors, 3-step algorythm of a threats recognition, anti-humidity along with the operating in low and high temperatures, great communication transmission area size, an extremely fast alarm signal transfer and a 5 years battery lifelong on top of that.

We’re not even going to conclude ourselfs – everything is clear. Order up Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor or any of all twenty five Ajx Devices on the Pipl Systems Store website.

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