AJAX Alarm System Reviews: Ajax CombiProtect Sensor 2in1 [5/15]

We didn’t review an Ajax CombiProtect Sensor together with the Ajax MotionProtect and MotionProtect Plus simultaniously because we’re confident this is quite a different device and it ain’t fair to compare it to other sensors, as it offers some maybe slight, but crucial differences in compare.

Ajax CombiProtect is named this way to disclose it’s intent right away in the name. In this article you’ll know what it is, what it does, what’s the working principle, and you can here you can see how we run CombiProtect practical usage test along with the activation and tying it up with the Ajax Hub. Every single device we are reviewing is available in the Pipl Systems Store.

CombiProtect 2in1 Working Principle

We are not listing all the distinction CombiProtect has regarding MotionProtect Sensors, because you can go here and see everything yourself. Here we are focusing on a unique features CombiProtect offers, and basically – it’s 2 in 1, MotionProtect infrared sensor in combine with a GlassProtect microphone, that have been added and then brought to a front panel, can see that on photo below. So that’s infrared sensor and a window intrusion, or a broken glass sound recognizer.

The infrared sensor working principle lies in detecting an infrared light or a heat emmiting from objects in its field of view, and as we all are warm-bloded – we are emmiting heat with our bodies, and the infrared sensor created that way to see and catch that heat in it’s sight, which is a 12 meters distance for the Ajax CombiProtect and MotionProtect. And thus we conclude that the exact infrared sensor has no changes at all after transfering from MotionProtect device.

Ajax MotionProtect + GlassProtect

The same with the Ajax GlassProtect – 9 meters broken glass sound detection in GlassProtect and the same 9 meters in CombiProtect. Altough, what you got to know before purchase – the real sound recongition distance rate is between 3 to 5 meters, but not 9 completely as they say on the box.

So you install it the same way you did with the Ajax MotionProtect, except that now you got to bring it closer to a window in room, due to a real 3 to 5 meters broken glass recognition rate. And what else happened in CombiProtect – battery life decrease from up to 7 years in a Motion and Glass Protect to a up to 5 years.

And that’s reasonable as we got two full-fledged and uncutted sensors in a single device. I mean, it’s good it’s not a double decrease to three point five years. Now let’s test this CombiProtect device out and see how’s that happening.


No different from any other Ajax device –

  • Download the free Ajax phone app here for iOS and here for Android;
  • Sign up and create an account;
  • Connect power and network to you Ajax Hub, wait till the logo lights with green;
  • Activate the Hub in Ajax phone app via scannning QR-code and naming it;
  • Create a room in a room tab in app;
  • Go back to the initial screen and press an “add device” button

Here’s a video featuring CombiProtect practical usage test along with the activation and tying it up with the Ajax Hub:



The funniest part of this device review is the price. The thing is that Ajax CombiProtect device costs almost two times lesser than MotionProtect & GlassProtect.

And that’s fair, it’s one device on a one hand, and two devices on the other hand, but they are 100% fully-fledged replicated in a single body with no cutouts, no any exclusions, and then got named Ajax CombiProtect. Brilliant. Our grade for this one is brilliant​ – order up on the Pipl Systems Store.

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