AJAX Alarm System Reviews: Ajax MotionProtect & MotionProtect Plus [4/15]

The second thing that comes right after the central Ajax Hub, and the video that we shot on a past week about it (article too!), is a Motion Detector, or the Ajax MotionProtect sensor. And you know what it means from the name. Based on a passive infrared sensor device, able to spot movements and human body heat, as a part of the entire Ajax Systems Home Security System.

Now we got here in front of us a Regular and a Plus versions. Let’s get a bit deeper into the device, utilization scenarios and the specifications. Along with that, you can check all of the 25 Ajax sensors on our Pipl Systems Store Website, and get them officially within a best price available and a worlwide delivery.

What Is It?

Okay, what do we know. It is wireless as all of the Ajax Systems sensors are. It is produced in a black and white body colors, that you pick depending on you appartment’s or the appliance place interior color probably or just which one do you like more, and yet, what we’ve noticed is that our clients pick a white color much more frequently for the indoor installing.

The device is based on an infrared sensor, located right behind a main piece of plastic. Speaking of plastic, we always loved how Ajax design their devices. To us it looks kind of futuristic, quite solid and secure, and we don’t know why, but in this case we believe in what we see, and we think the Ajax fans do that too.

A passive infrared sensor working principle lies in measuring, or well, detecting an infrared light or a heat emmiting from objects in its field of view, and as we all are warm-bloded – we are emmiting heat with our bodies, and the infrared sensor created that way to see and catch that heat in it’s sight, which is a 12 meters distance for the Ajax MotionProtect regular and plus versions. Also, the Ajax MotionProtect created that way to ignore pets under a weight of 20 kilograms or 44 pounds, thus it is immune to pets detection and you don’t have to worry about false alarms caused by pets.

Use Scenarios & Distinctions

The utilization scenario is simple – you leave your home, press a security arm button on your phone or the Ajax accessories and while you at work if any intruder got into your house, his movements are spotted by the MotionProtect sensor, after what it takes miliseconds to send that signal to the Hub, which in it turn, activates a loud siren noises, if you got it installed, and simultaniously notifies you on your phone with siren alarm noise too and also turns on a camera view on the phone screen if you got one paired with Ajax Security System in your home.

What about the specifications – here we can also highlight the sensor SmartDetect enhancements that made it more intelligent in filtering a false alarms, also the MotionProtect Plus has an additional microwave sensor, which makes it suitable for the rooms with air conditioners, fireplaces and where is a probability of a light flickering, glare and different reflections. Although, this function specifically reduces the sensor’s battery life a lot, which is an up to 7 years for a regular version and only up to 5 years for a Plus.

Also, we got a reduced operating range in open area from 1 700 meters for a regular MotionProtect to a 1 200 for a plus. Anyways, 5 five years is still a great indicator of a battery life and 1 200 m. is good too, besides the sensors active area is only 12 meters.

Installation Tips

We also got a few tips for you on how to install this properly, because believe us, we hear these questions quite often, and our installer guys face some common faults when they are visiting our clients’ homes. Perfect in you occassion – skip the part, for the ones, who left, Ajax Systems is that kind of security system that you can definetely install on your own with no any installer help and additional fees, but we really advise you to take into account these simple tips to avoid breaches in your protection.

About the Ajax MotionProtect installing, well, when you’re planning the install location for the sensor, focus on the room’s interior. It is best to attach a sensor in the corner opposite to the front door, so the infrared element would view a room from a height and from a corner. Make sure it’s not placed front to front with the door, and it spectates it from the side.

It’s also desirable for windows to not be in the infrared sensor monitoring area – heated by the sun, a curtains are fluctuating from the slightest air movement and that causes false alarms sometimes. Or to determine the most convenient place you can use the “test detection zone” function in the sensor’s settings.

Activation & Work Demonstration

Why would you read what’s best to see? Here’s a video for you:



Awesome futuristic-looking, simultaniously simple and effecient device, based on an infrared sensor from a company that cares about it’s products with a proper service, frequent updates, device ecosystem and the support. This is an absolute yes for us and for our many clients. We got all of the 25 Ajax Systems devices for sale along with a worlwide delivery in a Pipl Systems Store – so go check that out and get yourself some!

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