AJAX Alarm System Reviews Series: The Hub & The Ajax Hub Plus [1/15]

The Ajax Systems produces about 25 security devices at the moment, and also shares them with around 80 world countries. That is the official numbers. And the thing is that everything has it’s begginings. Thу article is dedicated specifically to the system’s heart. The devices, from which everything beggins and is literally unimageinable without ones – The Ajax Central Hub and the Ajax Hub Plus versions.

  • What is it?
  • What it does?
  • How does it works?
  • What’s a regular Hub and a Plus version distictions?

And a lot more questions, you’ll find answer to in this material.


The Hub

The Hub is a core and the brain of the entire system. It collects all the data about the sensors status and the occuring events in an encrypted form, analyzes that data and decides what to do with that in a milliseconds, after what it reports regarding a situation to the system owner via a phone and / or directly to the security console, or a security company, with which the system’s owner has a contract. We mean, let’s say a Motion Sensor detected some intruder’s movements and what happens is that the signal is transmitted to the Hub from the MotionProtect sensor, and to the phone afterwards.

So what the Hub does? It actually controls every tied up sensor. The Hub checks if the sensors are operating real time within refresh rate of every 12 seconds. The lithium backup battery inside makes it last up to 15 hours with the electricity grid down for the regular Hub, and up to 16 hours for a Hub Plus. And to clarify, the backup battery lifelong is not only the exact battery holding capacity increase, but a used internal parts energy consumption decrease, and also a firmware updates that could make that happen, so always make sure to have a relevant firmware installed.

The Hubs: Difference

So you know what actually distinguishes a good product from a bad – it’s a box, which makes a first impression, and we always loved that regarding Ajax Systems. Both Hubs are made in white and black bodies, though a regular Hub’s box is always white, when the Plus version is always black, and we’re sure that was made on purpose to distinguish them within a first glance. A Hub has a built-in sim card slot, One 2G-slot for Regular Hub, and two 3G-slots for a Hub Plus, used as a backup internet connection way, while the primary internet connection is transmitted via LAN-cable and a Wi-fi or LAN-cable for Plus Version.

Well if that’s all about a security then that’s cool, to have a second sim-card slot, a backup for a backup, why not? All the ports shown on the image below. All the Sensors are transmitting a data to the Hub in an encrypted form via company’s unique jeweler radio technology, which basically converts the entire system to the pure frequencies 806, which makes an extra protection against a jamming scenarios. And of course it is protected from a various viruses at the program level and is frequently updated.

What makes a real distinction

What makes a real distinction between a Regular and a Hub Plus versions is a scale. Company scale, building scale, the system setup scale, and we mean a number of people in interaction with system and a connected devices amount. It’s 50 users support for a regular Hub and a 99 users support for a Hub Plus. A connected devices amount rate is a 100 for a regular Hub, and a 150 for a Plus version. In addition, a Plus version offers a Wi-fi connection supports, so you don’t have to s

tretch the cable, but you can just enable a wi-fi. Also, we’ve got here an increased number of cellular standarts support, like 3G, because a regular Hub can only do 2G. The top feature in both Hubs is an ability to integrate within a third-party video surveillance cameras like Dahua, Hikvision and others, made via the RTSP protocol sustain. On the video below you can see how the activation and connection happens on a phone.

Also, you can download Ajax System’s app for free here for iOS and here for Android


If we talk about the Ajax Hub, we are really talking abouth the whole system, because this is where it beggins – from a Hub device. Protected and encrypted against viruses and jamming with a few uniqe develops like a jeweller radio-technology, multiple cellular standards, backup battery built-in, multiple backup sim-card slots and 2 types of internet connection support via a wired and a wireles wi-fi connection.

Lot of users to interact with, lot of sensors to interact with, lot of awards like Security & Fire Excellence Award, The Intruder Alarm of the Year and many others.

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