A Guide To PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras And Why Do You Need One?

You probably know what is meant by the PTZ cameras, but let’s get deeper and wider into the topic. We will answer such questions as:

  • What is it? And What types of it existing?
  • Who is it used by? And Where is it used?
  • What are the technology benefits and disadvantages?
  • Why do you need a PTZ camera?
  • What are the distinctions with a bullet, dome, and other types of cameras?

Along with that, we will also review a few relevant models, uncover their utilization types and demonstrate a few examples. By the way, all the PTZ and PT cameras and equipment are available in the Pipl Systems Store with a worldwide delivery for you.


The Basics: Pan / Tilt / Zoom

Of course, it’s all in the name, meaning a Pan, Tilt and Zoom-actions enabled camera, and they are also called a robotic cameras. We commonly have a PTZ cams that perform a movements physically, owing to a body construction and parts used in it, and there are virtual PTZ cams that perform all the zoom, pan and tilt functions digitally only with no any physical moves lens movements.

So we have an optical zoom cams, where the lens bulges out physically to show us an image closer and a digital zoom cams that just enlarge an existing image within a significant video quality loss. A PTZ type benefit number 1 – optical zoom rate up to 20, 30, times with almost no image quality loss owing to a physical lens bulging out.

The technology benefits turn out clear if you ask a professional. The benefit number 2 is that they often equipped with a high-quality lens as the task of this cameras type is to cover a large and a highly detailed areas, thus a video quality is so important, so in the case we pick only a single high recording quality PTZ camera, able to monitor a sight in a 360° view angle, instead of a multiple fixed cameras, each of which сovers only a one quarter of a whole area due to a lense view angle limit.

So that was a 3 benefit – a 360° pan view ability plus 90° vertical tilt, while an ordinary dome and bullet type cameras offer a 70-100° view angle. In combine with a high quality image we got an awesome single device setup that covers a huge area. Also, the market offers 2 variations with a 360° view ability and a limited 180° pan. That doesn’t means you should immidiately replace your fixed cameras setup onto a PTZ cam, as every unique situation requires a specific equipment and as always it depends from the application place.



A huge open-space type office is great to apply a PTZ or a Fish Eye cam there, but a multiple workrooms office is a fixed cameras type due to a premise build type limits, but they are often used outdoors. For this comarison and review we got a Hikvision speed dome camera, featuring a 2560 x 1440 4 megapixel lens equiped with a 25 optical zoom rate, 360° horizontal pan and 90° vertical tilt view ability, a tough Mechanical Infrared Sensor with a 50 meters of a of a night view ability, and a lot of a smart functions like a movement detection, face detection, intrusion detection, line crossing, audio recognition and many others.

Among the locations where these type cameras are used is a supermarkets, air and seaports, riverside, forests, roads, railways, squares and a large venues of all kinds. Even just walking around the city you can notice a lot of sights where the PTZ cameras are applied, and oftenly that are a large and finely detailed and fastly changing places with a crowds of people passing by.



Among the tecnology benefit there is also a pre-sets and move schedules. According to that, you can trigger your camera to monitor different zones in a different time and react to a hapenned events with a specific actions.

The PTZ benefit number 5 is an ultra-tough Mechanical Infrared Sensor with a 30, 50 or more meters of a view ability at the night to spot the changes and make you view experience in the night indistinguishable from the day light. Yes, nowadays almost every camera on the market has an infrared sensor built-in, but what’s meant here is a really tough sensor to monitor a large locations. Yet, where are the benefits, there are a disadvantages too. It starts with increased power consumption due to these specific PTZ functions in use and of course, a more complicated body construction, parts of which require additional power source.

Also, a professional PTZ cameras are way heavier, again, due to a body construction and increased build complexity, so they are way harder to install and you won’t probably do that without a professional installer help, but this refers to a professional PTZ cams. The most repulsive disadvantage is a value, which is noticeably higher. Though, the consumer segment PT cameras aro not that much expensive, but the professional ones like this one, cost a lot due to a variety of functions and and a utility.


Consumer PT Cameras

Commonly, a consumer segment is presented by a PT cameras. That is a PAN and Tilt functions, except a mechanical zoom, enabling us to monitor a sight in a three sixty degrees horizontal pan and ninety degrees vertical tilt. The distinguish is that we don’t have that mechanically bulging out lens, meaning the camera zooms digitally only and is intended for a smaller locations to cover, like your living rooms, halls, front and back yards and a similar. Like this and this one.

We have a Dahua’s consumer series A15 camera and Hikvision’s consumer-focused brand Ezviz Ez360 camera. Home consumer-focused security cameras are regulalry controlled via a phone apps. In our case we got an Ezviz free app and Dahua’s iDMSS and iMOU. Let’s test this out.




Of course, different situations require different solutions. Among our clients, a consumer PT cameras are on a high demand due to a relatively low price to a functins set ratio. They often installed in a living rooms, halls, or monitoring a backyard. And this is how this PT type cameras benefits are used – to have 1 three sixty camera instead of a multiple fixed ones.

Concerning a professional PTZ cameras, they’re intended to provide a high-quality monitoring of a finely detailed and fastly changing places with a crowds of people passing by. Every sutuation requiers it’s proper instruments. And we got them, in a Pipl Systems Store within a special offers for our uoitube sibscribers. So subscribe, come to our store by the link in the description, specify you came from youtube and get your special offer. Thank you for watching. We are on guard of your protection in Pipl Systers Store.

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