Hikvision Intercom Monitors Generation 2 Review

Hikvision Video Intercom Station, or the intercom monitor to simplify. Awarded by Red Dot for the unique design Intercom is now in our store. In our modest opinion, the security devices we have on the market, regardless of they are consumer or business-focused, can be and should be good-looking. Not all of them are, and Hikvision’s especially, and this is why we’re reviewing these DS-KH8350-WTE1 and DS-KH8350-TE1.

There is a 2 variatons of this model: DS-KH8350-WTE1 and DS-KH8350-TE1. and the difference is simultaniously slight and significant. The “W” in product name stands for the Wi-fi and after this detail everything gets clear. The real way of this product utilization looks like this: you have a Hikvision camera within an RTCP protocol sustain or a Hikvision

Call Panel, alarm sensors or a different independent extensions. You activate the camera, a call panel on PC with SADP tool and IVMS software, after what you simply unite it into the system with this intercom monitor, that you hang on indoors near to your entrance door’ adjoining wall. The same with the alarm sensors and extensions modules, but their activation reqires you to have a Hik-connect app.

The Looks

Hikvision are not the masters of the art-type box design, and they don’t have to be. Frankly speaking, this time it looks a way better. A black suede upholstery box insides, surrounding the device in box.

CCTV manufacturers often don’t care about the looks it’s hard to accuse them – this is a B2B-market, you need the device, the box is not even a secondary thing, but this time the Hikvision surpassed themselves. The device itself is classy. Half aluminum, half

The Box Contents Are:

  • Intercom Monitor
  • Fastening Kit
  • Contacts Unit
  • Metal Bracket
  • Installation Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide


What is this thing’s intention and what is it capable of? Well, it supports all the cameras that run RTCP protocol, Hikvision call panels, alarm sensors and different extensions to be tied up with. You can tie up this inercom with just about everything in a great quantities. What Hikvision wants us to pay attention to is the aerocraft grade aluminium used to build the body.

For us that means a high strength, good tolerance, stress resistance and anti-stripping corrosion features. This is a 1024 x 600 touch screen and the classy key mechanical button. We have 8 alarm inputs in here, PoE type power transmission, tamper alarm, SD-card slot, microphone, loudspeaker, RS-485 protocol support.

The appliances scheme

It is based on modified Linux as a main OS, what you see here on the screen is UI Version 2 point 0 interface design that is differrent and better looking a lot compared to the old ones.

Setup & Installation

What I really love here is a needlessness to use those SADP tool, IVMS – I mean no additional soft needed here at all. The entire setup and connection up to the work start happens via the intercom monitor only. After that you can manage it via your phone running mobile Hik-connect or the IVMS app.

But to unite it with a cameras, recorders, call panels, stations, sensors and modules you need to add all the devices into the PC IVMS software, after what activate and configure it there and start work. The video features a Hikvision’s installaition video-guide:


The connection scheme allows us to use this intercom device in a variety of ways, the system you will create can be such unique, perfectly fitting your needs by this variety of possibilities, and that is great! Along with a classy look and great interface design – you have here a solid, modern and reliable device that we can definitely recommend to everyone.

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